Punjab gets its first Michelin truck Service Centre

Global leader in mobility and tyres, Michelin, has announced the first of its kind, service centre for trucks MTSC (Michelin Truck Service Centre) near Patiala in Patran. It will be a one-stop shop spread over 6000 sq,ft and will be equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities that will include Truck tyre repair machine, Truck tyre Alignment Machine, Tyre rotation and fitment etc. It will also offer end-cycle tyre related services exclusively for trucks under one roof. Commercial Director of Michelin India, Mr. Mauro Perin inaugurated the service centre in the presence of various guest and officials from the company.

The newly launched service centre is billed to help optimize benefit and reduce maintenance cost for consumers from both branded radial tyres and of course Michelin. The opening up of the centre not only deepens the availability of Michelin products and services, but will in effect help to meet the sky rocketing demand for Michelin Radial tyres. Mr. Mauro Perin, Michelin India’s Commercial Director at the opening ceremony was quoted as saying, roadways are the most dominant mode of transportation in today’s India. It carries 65 percent of its freight and 90 per cent of the passenger traffic. All major highways of the country see heavy traffic, therefore the inevitability of demand for service arises. Michelin offers services mostly for the radial tyres, which help in increasing fuel economy by up to 10 %, thus keeping with its commitment to India. Radial tyres are definitely the way of the future, it genuinely reduces the cost of the fleet owner by cutting down the fuel bill and hence the overall expense on the tyres.

At present, MTSC has its presence in 4 cities across the country in the region of Sankari, Patran, Namakkal and Jaipur. Owner of Kisan Tractors and Engine spares, Surinder Bansal stated, that it has been a honor and a pleasurable experience to associate with Michelin Tyres as their junior partner in MTSC. Furthermore a partnership with Michelin makes it possible for him to cater to the potentially huge market of Radial Truck Tyres due to the technology leadership of the company. Laying their hands on the latest machinery coupled with trained staff will enable them to provide the best-in-class tyre related services.

Patran is a small town in the famous district of Patiala on National Highway number 71 and is amongst the developing city of Punjab with good fertile land. It is a small hub for rice having a bunch of 100 rice sellers. This is the cause of attraction for high number of traffic for transportation of product as the town is connected with Sangrur, Jalandhar, Jind, Ludhiana, Patiala and Delhi by well maintained roads. The need for the one-stop-shop was inevitable in this town. In order to service the various needs of the valuable clients for both tyre related services & Radial Truck Tyres, Michelin has launched its fourth MTSC in Patran.

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