Purchase a Rapid and get a Skoda Fabia Free

Raised your eyebrows right! Buy 1 get 1 free offer is common in the market for household items. But when you get 1 car free on purchase of another car that definitely gets your attention. A Skoda dealership in Gujarat, Torque Auto is offering first-of -a-kind deal to its buyers on purchasing a Rapid Sedan. According to this dealer if you purchase a Rapid, they will provide you with a Fabia hatch back absolutely free. However, there is a catch.

Though hesitant at first, Torque Auto revealed saying, “The free Skoda Fabia hatch free of all cost will be provided after five year period from buying date of the Rapid.“

As for the engine type, well that depends on the engine type of the Rapid you purchase. For example, if you buy a diesel engine Rapid, you will be provided with a base model of diesel Fabia and vice-versa. So if you purchase a Rapid from any of the Torque dealers in Gujarat (Ahmadabad, Anand and Mehsana) you will get a free Fabia hatch in 2018. Added costs like registration, taxes etc will be yours.

Purchase a Rapid and get a Skoda Fabia Free
Considering discounts, other Skoda India dealers are also offering a 1,00,000 discount offer on purchase of Rapid. However, if you are interested in taking the Fabia hatch then this discount will not be available.

Though, the industry experts believe that this move by Torque Auto has created a buzz in the market. From this deal, it is also said, Torque Auto is pilling up an excess inventory of the base model of Fabia hatchback, as it is tagged with the company’s bestseller, Rapid.

Skoda Rapid

However, it is also said to be an advertisement stunt just with the aim to boost the sales of the car and will only ruin the image of both the Rapid and Fabia.

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