Renault India Extend Warranty and Service Due To COVID-19

Renault India Extend Warranty and Service Due To COVID-19

The world right now is fighting this deadly virus called Corona. It has affected the automobile industry as well, in terms of numbers and the sales are on a decline. The Lockdown has also affected the customers in terms of service of their car. To cope up with this, some manufacturers have extended their support. A lot of dealerships are on the verge of closing permanently, but many manufacturers are trying hard to help them.

Renault India recently announced a series of measures to counter the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These steps are aimed at mitigating the challenges faced by customers due to the current situation. The company has announced a relaxation on warranty and Periodic Service schedules for its customers during this lockdown period. In addition, the extension on the warranty period will also apply to vehicles that have extended warranty policies.

Renault has also launched an online booking campaign known as ‘Book Online, Pay Later’, which lets the customer book a Renault vehicle online without paying any immediate booking amount. This action is further substantiated by the use of digital modes of communication with the prospects, providing them all the information at home. The My Renault App can be used by existing customers for updates on all the information about the company as well as to explore the range of vehicles or book one online.

Renault has also held the interest of dealers as a key priority. The company has announced incentives and relaxation on targets to ease the effects of the lockdown. Renault has also set up a task-force to facilitate financial transactions with the dealership networks and has extended support to dealers in terms of inventory holding costs

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