Renault to continue tie-up with Bajaj for ULC Project upon Quality Assurance

Bajaj had sometime back announced about a new Ultra Low Cost ULC project with Renault, however nothing materialized. According to recent reports, Renault which recently entered India, announced that they will be going ahead with this ULC, however only if they are satisfied with the quality of the Bajaj product. This announcement comes just two weeks, after the Indian auto manufacturer said that they would introduce a goods carrier based on this platform.

Renault’s Managing Director for India, Marc Nassif, said that if the project meets their standards, then they will go ahead with it. If the development’s quality matches what they have been promised, then they will go ahead with the project. Renault has not yet seen the project, and they will be able to make a decision only after they have reviewed the project.

According to reports, when Nassif was asked their company would opt out of the ULC, if it did not meet their expectations, Nassif said that they will try something else, and will get their opportunities later on, however they have not entered a joint venture or made investments in the project yet. Nassif, however, did not specify, what the company meant by ‘something different’.

Just some days back, Bajaj had said that they would be introducing a commercial four wheeler in to the market, by mid-2012, based on their ULC platform that was originally meant to produce a car along with alliance partner, Renault-Nissan.

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