Renault to launch Alpine concept model at Paris Motor Show

Renault is planning to re-launch Alpine into the global market very soon and will be unveiling its model at the Paris Motor Show coming soon. The car broke all barriers and set standards for Renault cars to a new dimension. Renault will be launching Alpine A110 at the upcoming Paris Motor Show which is considered as one of the most prestigious and extravagant motor shows all across the world.

The earlier model had generated a widespread buzz in the market and this time Renault has given a makeover to the car thus anticipating its response.

Renault Alpine A110 at Paris Motor Show

Renault had launched the first model of Alpine way back in 1952 which created waves in the market but eventually the car blacked out in the 1990’s. Thus in 2012, Renault Alpine will complete its 50th year in the market and on this context Renault will be throwing the curtains off the new improvised version of Alpine. It has been a while that the French car-maker has had any groundbreaking response to any of their creations but this time they aspire to raise eyebrows with the launch of their supercar Alpine A110.

Design Chief of Renault, Laurens Van De Acker is quite enthusiastic about the launch of Alpine A110 model at Paris motor show as he feels it is the perfect time to launch the model as there has been a long time since Renault has had any launches on a global level.  Unveiling the Alpine A110 will raise the market value of Renault. The external features of the car have not been messed with and all the modifications have been made in the ergonomics of the car.

Though Renault might not be having much in its garage but all the cars they have made have received good response all across the world.

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