Renault to possibly launch a Logan-based new sedan

The Mahindra Verito, which has gained significant popularity these days, had at a point of time been linked to Renault. At that point of time, the vehicle was not known as the Verito, but was referred to as the Mahindra Renault Logan. Renault is now determined to take back the grip that it has lost in the segment of entry-level sedans. It has already started foundation work for introducing such a car in the market soon. In fact, the company is working in collaboration with the designers of the Logan, so that this latest car boasts of a sparkling new look. The project is going on under complete secrecy as Indian Drives has also been unable to extract any information pertaining to engine specification or pricing of this latest sedan. However, experts feel that the car maker might seek inspiration from the Maruti Swift Dzire.

Mahindra Renault LoganAlthough no confirmed information is available, speculations are still going on in the market that Renault might use the same 1.5L diesel engine that powered the Mahindra Renault Logan. When the Mahindra Renault Logan was launched some time back in the past, the two manufacturers Renault and Mahindra had almost designed a perfect car and had priced it correctly as well. However, the consumers did not find the car appealing; a possible reason for the same could be its shabby looks. It’s no use, however, discussing the cause of failure of the Mahindra Renault Logan at this point of time, as both the manufacturers have moved ahead. Mahindra has its Verito, which is now performing significantly well in this segment and Renault is also working hard towards registering its presence in this segment, again. Another doubt that is now creeping on the minds of the industry experts is that this could possibly lead to dropping of the launch of the rebadged version of Nissan Sunny. This is because there is no justification in Renault offering two similarly priced sedans in the market at a similar time period.

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