Renault to storm Indian market with a new small entry-level car

Renault, which had a quite reserved start in the domestic market, made some noteworthy movement in the country during the last year, driven primarily by its trendy compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) Duster.

Rejoicing the triumph, French auto manufacturer has now set its eyes on boasting a portfolio of seven to eight vehicles in the domestic market by the coming 5 year period, with an entry-level vehicle at the core of its approach.

According to Carlos Tavares, Renault’s Chief operating officer (COO), the work on the small entry-level vehicle is moving ahead positively and the country’s frugal technology is donning a vital role in producing the car.

“We truly are fans of this market. I think individuals in the Indian market have such a high intensity of demand and such a precise value assessment system producing something for this nation is always too demanding. However, it is always very gratifying as well, if you roll out the accurate product. So, we have to be very certain and recognize the correct attributes for a product for the domestic market,” added Carlos.

Renault to storm Indian market with a new small entry-level car
The second in charge at the company after Carlos Ghosn, Tavares stated that the truth that contestants are making “hoards of money” at the opening level makes sense for the company to make entry in this section.

But, Tavares admitted that Renault will have to introduce something special, which attracts the Indian people and is money-spinning for the auto firm.

Tavares refused to provide any time limit for the said project, but stated that the work is underway.

In addition, Renault has places an in-house cut-off date of June of 2015 for the introduction of the said product.

Nicknamed as A Entry, the vehicle is likely to obtain power through an 800 cubic centimeter petrol engine.

“If that vehicle was to be determined, the first international submission will be in the Indian market,” guarantees Tavares.

Mulling over the precise engineering needs and frugal technology in terms of squeezing the expansion cost, and installing the traits, which are anticipated in the market, “The country would be donning a most important role in that procedure”, added Tavares.

He added that if that vehicle will be a success, then the company would study the likelihood of rolling out A Entry in other regions of the globe.

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