Rolls Royce on a roll in India

Luxury car market seems to be expanding on a large scale in India. It seems that all the recent reports about the automobile market have ensured the entry of various other world famous car manufacturers. Already some of the major car manufacturers have announced their entry in the Indian automobile market. It seems that Rolls Royce is on a mission to improve its grip. Rolls Royce is planning to improve its hold of the Indian automobile market by a new expansion plan. Under this plan they will ensure that they will improve the network all across India in order to get a better grip of the second largest growing car market.

Recently, Rolls Royce reported that the rise in demand for its two models that are available in the Indian market has grown so much so that they have to keep half of its customers on hold. Now it seems that the company is trying to enhance its capability in order to enhance the customers support. They are aiming to target the same or more sales figure they captured last year in China. Last year Rolls Royce reported that they have sold over 600 cars in China. But this couldn’t be possible in India as their network was weak. According to them their demand mainly comes from Punjab and Hyderabad. But they are planning to open at least two more dealerships in India. They are mainly targeting a three digit sales figure this year.

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