Royal House of Udaipur’s Rolls Royce wins at Pebble Beach

The 1924 vintage Rolls-Royce of Shriji Arving Singh Merwar has bagged the 62nd Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance event. This is the first an Indian has won an award at the world most popular Pebble Beach, California. The rare and most wonderful automobiles from all over the world are sent invitation to participate in this 5-day gala event every year.

The project of restoration of Rolls Royce GLK 21 was done for almost 8 years and it was supervised by Graham Ashley-Carter, an expert in the restoration of Rolls Royce. Apart from Graham, Andrew Wood, the founder of UK Rolls-Royce specialist company P&A Woods and expert in himself, was also brought in. John Fasal, an historian and author of books like Rolls-Royce Twenty also got involved in the project. With the joint efforts from these specialists, Rolls Royce could be restored and brought back its glory after 70 years.

 Royal house of udaipur's rolls royce wins at pebble beach

His highness, Arvind Singh Merwar stated that they wanted to display the legacy and heritage of the royal family by participating in the event. According to him ‘Living Heritage’ is more important than luxury as luxury is dynamic and may not be always there. The car has the original ‘Coachwork by Barker’ plate and hold the Barker ‘Body No. 546’ plate. The car which was 20 bhp Barker Tourer got the Lucius Beebe Trophy at this festival.

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