Sanyo may provide Li ion batteries to Toyota

The reason that we don’t see many of Toyota Priuses on the Indian roads is not due to the lack of public’s apathy to this green car but its very high sticker price of about Rs 30 lakhs. Toyota Kirloskar Motors have identified this shortcoming and are thinking of reducing the price of this very capable car and making it more affordable for the masses.

$8.7 billion US dollars is the amount that the company has already spent on development and research of the battery technology. Now in a bit to reduce the price of this car, the company is looking towards Sanyo Electric Company for its Li-ion batteries. Sanyo Electric Company is quite well known for producing Lithium-ion battery packs, electronic components and many other electric goods. The Toyota Prius is the world’s best selling hybrid car in terms of sales and sheer appeal. Infact, Toyota is keen on introducing more EVs into the Indian as well as international market the moment the new technology comes into place.

More and more auto makers are focusing on Electric Vehicles (EVs) to curb the environmental crisis and their dependence on fossil fuels. EVs burn clean and have instant torque on demand. Many of the governments actually give incentives on electric vehicles. In India, in a bid to promote the sales of electric vehicles, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, have decided to reduce the cost of electric vehicles by 20%. This means that electric cars would have approximately Rs 1 lakh off their sticker price whereas low speed electric two wheelers would be cheaper by an estimated Rs 4,000 whereas high speed two wheelers would sport a price tag lower by Rs 5,000. This move would help consumers as well as manufacturers alike and is in effect from November 2010. This decision has been welcomed by many for the only thought that  more and more Electric Vehicles would make it onto the Indian roads.

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