September 26th might see Mahindra launching the W201

The one product from Mahindra which is yet to see the doors of showrooms, the W201, is most likely to be launched on September 26th 2011. This is the global SUV that Mahindra plans to take across the various other countries in the world. Reliable sources says that Mahindra have already instructed its dealers to be ready for welcoming the inquiries as also the bookings for this new SUV, which is going to be the company’s flagship model.

Under the hood, the new W201 would use the same engine from the Mahindra Scorpio, albeit in a retuned status producing an estimated 140 Bhp of power and a huge 320 Nm of torque. Famous transmission specialists Ricardo would be providing the 5 and also 6 speed gearboxes for this new SUV. The current 2.2 liter Mhawk engine is also tunable upto 170 Bhp and in future, the company may think of offering this engine as well. This would of course be in twin turbo avatar. As can be seen from the top end Scorpio Vlx, there would be many powered goodies and some which are usually viewed as extravaganzas. Things like the rain sensing wipers, auto folding mirrors and also the likes of ESP and traction control.

This SUV would be however only a front wheel drive one and a more astute 4×4 version would follow later on. If things go as planned, Mahindra may even offer the 4 wheel drive option from the onset. The company has also developed a new transaxle which is said to be entirely from a scratch. The engine location would also be transverse. All said and done, this would be the most elegant Mahindra till date. Prices are expected to start from around the Rs 12.5 lakhs for the entry level variant which would be offered in 2 wheel drive guise.

11 thoughts on “September 26th might see Mahindra launching the W201

  1. hi;as i consulted mahindra sale executive,this suv will rock the will become dominant in this class range. thank you

  2. i believe this vehicle will not rule scorpio.
    i find this does not have a muscular feature as scorpio
    anyway let us wait until the launch and then decide

  3. matter of worry for Endeavours, Yetiz and Captivaz.. here comes the all Desi yet fully trusted and loaded w201 by M&M, the most trusted brand of india (undisputed No. 1 SUV maker of india)

  4. this is good model w201 but to fight other car such like tata aria w201 needs a powerful engine. mahindra also rise when w201 launch in market

  5. mahindra w201 project should be good ,the latest talk in new car in indian market , its should be different s u v in all the class . wanna buy one s u v ,let wait and watch.

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