Shriram Transport introduces country’s 11th Automall in Hyderabad

Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited (STFC) has rolled out its ‘Shriram Automall’, the nation’s largest Automall, in the city of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

This latest summation of Automall is the eleventh in the country, with ten other Automalls having been established across the nation.

Country’s biggest asset financing firm is the first-of-its kind scheme for the marketing of second hand commercial vehicles, infrastructure as well as farming tools in a structured and visible mode, STFC stated in a declaration today.

Covering up a region of 15 acres, the company intends to discontinue the untrustworthy and old exercises common in commercial vehicle deals by cultivating prearranged vehicle-trading system.

Shriram Transport introduces country's 11th Automall in Hyderabad
Aside from vehicle deals, the Automall aids clients hunt for funding in addition to insurance alternatives plus offers refurbishment answers for vehicles.

In addition, the Automall also offers up rest rooms for travel-exhausted truckers / cleaners in addition to superior parking services.

Moreover, the firm proposes to swell its net to 60 major cities by the coming year, situated along significant highways in the nation, and will be outfitted with safe stockyards.

Mr. Umesh G Revankar, managing director, Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited stated, “‘Our aim is to bring greater lucidity and value-added services to commercial vehicles and equipment trading business in the country.”

While declaring the introduction of the Automall, Mr. Sameer Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer, Shriram Automall India Limited, stated, “Via our Automalls, we have offered the purchasers as well as the sellers an exclusive stage where they can carry out operations in a tranquil way. This is the first Automall in Hyderabad and via this proposal we aim to aid the used vehicle and equipment market nurture in the nation.”

The Automall in the city also houses two novel plans, which offer up additional services to vehicle possessors such as ‘Shriram One Stop’ and ‘Shriram New Look’.

‘Shriram One Stop’ is a cybernated touch screen stall that is a virtual truck market, offering up immediate data about second hand commercial vehicles obtainable for sale, whilst ‘Shriram New Look’ provides a stage for transaction of genuine vehicles.

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