Skoda and Volkswagen celebrate 20 years of togetherness

Skoda Auto, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group has completed 20 years under the Volkswagen umbrella on 16th April 2011. In all these times, Skoda have changed their identity from being a manufacturer having only 2 products in its line up to 5 now. All these 5 models are highly appreciated across different parts of the globe. Skoda has also got a good reputation as a value for money automobile maker. Nonetheless, all its products also the enjoy the benefits of very high quality materials as also ones with cutting edge engineering prowess.

Skoda was the first brand under the Volkswagen umbrella to come into India and pave way for other Volkswagen brands. Moreover, Skoda introduced to the Indian public German quality and high standards of product precision. Though their service levels have been publicly criticized, its very hard to fault their products. Rumors are afloat that Skoda Auto India would announce some special incentives and schemes for its Indian customers very soon on account of its 20th anniversary with Volkswagen.

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