Skoda Auto India Records 69% Growth in June Sales

Skoda Auto India recorded a 69% growth in their sales last month. The company managed to sell a total of 2,611 models, in comparison to June 2010’s 1,639 units.

The company’s board member of marketing and sales, Thomas Kuehl, said that they are very happy with the reception of their products by customers. The growth of 69%, which they achieved this month only acknowledges their efforts in offering customers great products and value offerings.

Since the beginning of they year, they have managed to achieve a consistent growth, and will continue this growth traction throughout the year. They will also continue focusing on improving the customers after sales experience, their dealership network and customer experience, as well as expanding their reach to include a wider range of customers pan India.

Skoda currently has around 81 dealer outlets spread all over the country. The Czech auto giant plans to double their sales figures in the global markets by around 1.5mn units globally. The company is looking at the Indian auto market for contributing a significant share to their overall world sales figures.

The company also initiated the Yeti Performance Drive for demonstrating important features of their award winning Skoda Yeti SUV. The event that began in Chennai will be extended to include other markets as well, which comprise Delhi-NCR, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Ahmedabad, having many outlets in each city.

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