Skoda Explains Crew Protect System Featured in the New Octavia: Watch Video

Launch of new Octavia is just around the corner, and Skoda seems to be on the promotional spree for same, where now the Czech originated carmaker had explained a new feature in its most annoyed car.

World is having a lot of expectations from the new Octavia and we Indians too are aspiring for it because makers had promised that they will launch every product in every market of the world, we are not an exception as the brand had experienced good amount of sales on our shores. Lest, the new feature that this VW owned carmaker is explaining on YouTube is Crew protect System, via which one can cut down the amount of damages caused during accident.

Many of us maybe thinking why the Skoda is waiting till the accident occurs, can’t it make something better that accident can be avoided completely. To answer your doubts, the carmaker believes, collisions happens even if the bug is loaded with number of advanced fitments, so to bleep down the damages, new Octavia will help tremendously.

Skoda Explains Crew Protect System Featured in the New Octavia

The Crew Protect System constantly monitors the speed, braking system, angle of the car and the direction of nose too; hence kicks in the secured punch whenever it feels doubt on any of the arrays. The action concludes in form of window and sunroof closure (leaving a gap of 55mm), and the tightening of seatbelt on driver and front passenger seat, to ensure everything is safe and secured in place. It also boards options of changing the seatbelt settings on the stiffness posture to suit “Sporty” skills of driving.

It looks Germans eyeing the position of Swedes i.e. Volvo, for being the safest automaker in world.

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