Skoda plans to revamp its entire dealerships by 2015

Skoda revealed of revamping all its 5,300 dealerships throughout the globe. It has said to be implementing all new language of design in all its outlets.

Skoda has recently given the new looks to most of its model plates. And now the news came that all its dealerships are going under knife for the change. It seems that Czech based carmaker is on the spree of hunting as many ducks as possible with its all new stoning strategy.

“Simply clever – clever engineering with a human touch” is the motto which Skoda is said to follow in the dealerships revamp. They have said 2015 will see the most of dealerships in all new avatar.

Architectural department of the brand will be dwelling the entire bay in drape of pristine white and green paint shade, with cozying interiors to match the tranquility. A new Skoda logo will be tapped on the side of building, and the building will also have a shade of grey running on the backs. New pylons and flags will be stacked on the outer for confirming the last stage or branding decoration. Meanwhile, the car-making organization will extensively use the glass on front to take an immense advantage of the sunlight. “Customers should be able to identify the Škoda partner as such at first glance,” said Škoda board member for sales & marketing, Werner Eichhorn. The new design attitude of Skoda, which is a part of 2018 Skoda’s growth plan, will have the reflection of its image flashing during day as well night.

Skoda Showroom redesign Exterior

Skoda has explained that sales as per 2018 Skoda growth strategy on global platform will be notched to more than 1.5 units million per year.

Skoda Showroom redesign Interior

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