Skoda Snowman Spotted At Nurburgring

Obvious with the Skoda’s face, there is nothing new on offer from this Czech-based carmaker in the pipeline. The only fresh excitement that came to the desk is this Snowman, which is nothing more than the Yeti planted by spacious cabin and more seating options.

A test mule is found doing test rounds uncovered where one can easily speculate the seating capacity of seven people.

Apparently, there aren’t many reports to fall upon, but since all new Skodas are using the MQB platform underneath, it too will ride an extended version of the same.

Skoda Snowman Spotted At Nurburgring

Hence, just like other details, engine options are under the cover. But major sources of industry have said the Snowman to use petrol and diesel engine options with power ranging from 140-184PS. Front-wheel is standard but an all-wheel trim will make way as optional.

Skoda Snowman Spotted At Nurburgring

Image Courtesy: World Car Fans

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