Skoda to unveil new logo at Geneva Show

The Czech auto giant, Skoda Automobiles would also be present at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. Reports say that Skoda wouldn’t be displaying any new cars at the show but then there is something up the sleeve of this Volkswagen owned unit. Skoda would be primarily at the show to display one of its special edition cars, a concept vehicle and also for a special announcement.

The company is all set to go in for a new logo for their cars beginning from 2012. The company officials said that a new spectrum of colors would define the traditional winged-arrow logo so that it becomes a distinct identity in the automobile world. The company also plans to take its design philosophy to the next level with the concept car been displayed. This car would show the new corporate face that Skoda plans to adopt on all its cars henceforth. To celebrate its MotorSports achievements, the company is also going to show off the special Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo edition car. Wish that this special edition car comes to Indian shores, atleast on the 1.6 liter edition Fabia.

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