Solar-Powered Volvo V60 Revealed, Will Debut at Sustainable Energy Expo of Rome by September

‘Beginning the new era’, is what being famous for the innovations terming ‘safety features’ about the car first under Volvo name. This time, the Swedish carmaker had gone beyond the conventional and had introduced us the car which is powered by solar panel and can collect its energy from the light itself.

Being shaped in the trim of alienated panels, this Volvo car seems to be the new innings of green revolution in our world.

Those weirdly spread out panels of the car is made from the HDPE mesh skin which is stretched under tension and is given the hold by support of carbon fiber. This panel takes in the energy from the light and heat available in the outdoor, and thus is costing nothing on the pocket. When needed to charge, panels should be flipped out in the way as it is shown in this picture, and this will pass on energy from its exposed photovoltaic cells to the battery of the car. Hopefully, this new Volvo would be using a hybrid powertrain, diesel engine being assimilated with the electric batteries, which will make it to run 100km/1.8L of fuel in hybrid mode. The same car too will be carried purely on electric mode for 50kms in the case when battery is fully charged by the free source of energy, and not using even a single drop of fuel for the drivetrain.

Volvo V60 Revealed
Hopefully, the photovoltaic mesh panels are bulgy in size, so they only can be charged only when the vehicle is halted, and not exactly in the motion.

This concept made by Swede in Italy, is a part of the design competition which is commissioned by Volvo itself. The carmaker will officially unveil it at a sustainable energy expo in Rome by September this year.

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