Some general driving tips on traffic rules and their penalties

Yes, automobile enthusiasts would prefer to drive their cars each day to work or atleast take out their cars out on the weekends. I know, many driving tips have been provided in this section time and again however I have some of the basic driving tips that can ensure that you follow the traffic rules set by the law of our country as also their penalties, should my words fall on deaf ears. But in India, mostly for all the penalties, a small fee can be paid (read bribe) and you can go scot free. I am not ashamed to say that I have done it a couple of times myself and those include my bike being towed away from a no parking zone and riding without a helmet. As far as my car is concerned, I take extra care to see that it is parked properly and all.

First and foremost thing that attracts a traffic policeman’s attention is the number plate of the car/bike. If it is in exceptionally small fonts or extra large ones, then the cops definitely get suspicious. Moreover a new law impounding those cars having MAMA, RAM or even DADA written in place of their number plates is in effect and those offenders are liable for a fine of Rs 1000. When you get the number plate written, do ensure that it is in easy fonts and legible from a distance. Avoid fancy fonts.

If you are in a car, then the traffic policeman would be more interested in checking out if you have worn a seatbelt or not. How he will check out if you have worn seatbelts is via the window pane. Don’t get your car’s window panes so much tinted so that it is impossible to peer inside. If at all the window pane is of a very dark tint shade, then most likely, you would be fined by the policeman. Not wearing seatbelts would amount to some more money for him or if you are a honest person, to the government coffers. Not only are you saving some money by wearing seatbelts but also ensuring your safety, were some sudden braking or a crash happen.

Not carrying a license amounts to not knowing how to drive a car, in the legal speak. At all times, while driving a car, do ensure that you carry your license with you. Moreover make sure to renew it once the license expires. If one is found driving a car without a valid license, then either pay the legal penalty fees or rather be ready to be imprisoned. If your car documents have been impounded by a traffic officer for any valid reason, then the only way you can get them released legally is by paying the fine or by contesting this in a court.

Traffic authorities have the right to detain the vehicles on the basis of the following reasons and those are if the driver is driving the vehicle without a valid license, vehicle has a number plate which has been reported as stolen or is deemed as suspicious, a LMV license holder driving a commercial vehicle, evading of tax of the vehicle and finally driving without a permanent registration number. If your vehicle has been towed away by a traffic towing van for having being parked in a no-parking zone then, it is imperative that you pay the challan amount that usually applies to your vehicle size and get your vehicle released. A vehicle can also be towed away if it has been parked improperly resulting in blockage of the road for other road users.

If suppose you broke a traffic rule, then either trying explaining to the cop the reason why you actually broke that rule. However as far as I know, cops don’t yield to requests and chances are more that he would be trying to eke some money out of you. He will upfront tell you that the offence you have committed would cost you Rs xx. If you agree to pay, then well and good however if not, then you can BRIBE him with some cash which is less than what was the legal amount he asked for. Well, I was joking on the second part however such things do happen and I am sure most of our readers would agree to this and maybe even practice it on a regular basis. But if you stick to your guns, then he would impound your license and maybe ask you to attend the traffic police court, upon summons.

If you are caught driving drunk, then chances are that the traffic police would first check out how many times you have done this offense in the recent past. If you are a first timer, maybe you would be reprimanded and let off with a fine. However if you are a regular offender (read Raja Choudhary) , then you would be imprisoned plus charged the challan fees for this offense. Overloading of your car would also result in a hefty fine. Some tourist operators who had fitted a last row of seats in 5 seater Tata Sumos have been fined Rs 4000-5000 for fitting that extra row of seats on a T permit vehicle. Estimates say that about 45-50 percent of accidents happen due to vehicle overloading and so the traffic police are very strict on this rule.

Going a bit off track, a new Supreme Court ruling says that an accident victim can be admitted to a nearby hospital without the intervention of the police. Moreover, the hospital should also readily accept him without a police report. Once the victim has been given first aid, police can be informed and a report filed.

Well, these are some of the common offenses that I have listed out here. Hope that the readers do take heed of this and avoid them as far as possible.

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