Spy shots of Left Hand Drive Polo and Vento in India appeared again

India is undoubtedly an emerging hub of car manufacturers, holding a number of manufacturing bays on its land. There, it mostly happens that the same Indian plant also manufactures LHD (Left Hand Drive) versions of vehicles for exporting it to the respective markets.

Hopefully the spy-shots of some LHD Polo and Vento test mules were appeared some days back, now a leading publication had posted some more of them too on their website. The recent spy-shots are clear and are wise. They are seen portraying the vehicle in un-camouflaged form where the red sticker on the bumpers of vehicles depicts its LHD compatibility. However, we learnt that the LHD vehicles from Chakan plant (Pune) are exported to markets like Arab Emirates, Malaysia, South Africa. Hence these test mules may also be the result of same, where the German carmaker is following to relieve them somewhere in the newer markets, for which they must be doing the tests here.

It is also noted that Vento and Polo are cosmetically not different than the ones which are sold locally. There pops a question in our mind which says, is the Volkswagen reviewing some new 1.5L range of engine for our land via these test mules?

Spy shots of Left Hand Drive Polo and Vento
Though whatever, if the latter possibility (of 1.5-litre engine) proves to be filling the gap so, then the chances are there that Germans may launch it here by May of next year.

Spy shots of Left Hand Drive Polo and Vento 2013

Spy shots of Left Hand Drive Polo and Vento Back View
Image Courtesy: MotorBash

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