Ssangyong Motors sells more than 12,000 vehicles in May 2013

The year 2013 has proved amazingly lucky for Ssangyong Motors. The company has reported about achieving a remarkable feat by selling more than 12,000 vehicles in the previous month. The statistics revealed say that Ssangyong Motors has sold a total of 12,730 automobiles in the month of May alone. They had reached this 12,000 mark in the month April as well.

Ssangyong Motors is a company based in Korea but which serves globally with its hybrid technology vehicles. Ssangyong Motors has not been so lucky when it comes to business from the start. The company suffered a loss of over 75 million that made their very existence in the automobile market questionable. The Indian business group; Mahindra and Mahindra, in the process of biding, obtained 70% of the company’s shares and saved the otherwise bankrupted company.

The company initially remained confined to producing automobiles for the US army, but after collaboration with Daimler-Benz group of industries, it got an entry into the SUV market. The Ssangyong Musso was the first SUV to be launched after this fruitful collaboration. Since then many hybrid vehicles have been designed by Ssangyong Motors and successfully marketed using the already blooming Daimler-Benz networks.

Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton

Today Ssangyong Motors is among the four leading automobile companies in the entire South Korea. Its sales in the year 2013 have increased by an unbelievable 25.3% as compared to the last year. Out of the 12,730 vehicles sold in the month of May, more than 7,000 vehicles were exported globally. This was around 23.1% more than the sales obtained in May 2012 last year. The sale within Korea has also increased substantially, with an annual increase of 28.4% as compared to the sales achieved in the year 2012.

Ssangyong claims to increase these statistics even further by resuming a second shift production at their Korean production plant that will allow them to complete more orders, thus giving them more area to cover.

The present Ssangyong SUV’s that are rocking the market include Krondo series which was launched in 2010, Actyon that was launched in 2006 and Rexton II that was also launched in 2006. These SUV’s are currently in demand in the Ssangyong’s global market. Some new hybrid SUV’s are waiting in the lineup and can be expected to reach the Korean as well as international markets soon.

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