SUV segment sees gush in demands

Over the past few years, sports utility vehicles have gained popularity in the country and more automobile manufacturers have ventured into the country with their diverse line-up of SUVs. Now is the time when the demand of sedans and hatchbacks have somewhat deteriorated and on the other side, the demand for SUVs have been surging at an impressive rate as more and more people are preferring a sports utility vehicle over a normal sedans or hatchbacks.

SUVs are usually designed to be mean and tough and this is one reason why most people prefer SUVs over other cars as it gives a meaner appeal to the passenger and the driver seated inside. Mahindra and Mahindra was one of the first car makers to bring their SUVs and many other big names followed. Now the SUV market of India is a battlefield where Audi, BMW, Toyota and Mahindra are considers as the prime contenders. These companies have set a benchmark for themselves in the Indian automobile which is said to be one of the most blossoming and flourishing automobile markets in the world. Many automobile heavyweights have ventured into the country along with their counterparts and are actively involved in huge sales and production of their respective models.

New Toyota Fortuner in India
Toyota recently unveiled the new Fortuner which is meaner than its predecessor and the surge for the demand of this is car so immense that Toyota has given out a statement saying that they are receiving at least 100 bookings per day on a daily basis as the new Fortuner comes with advanced ergonomics and the interiors as well as the exteriors of the car have been revamped to a great extent thus generating a hype amongst Fortuner enthusiasts. The company has even said that despite of increasing the rate of production of the car by 1000 units, they are finding it tough to cope up with the ever-increasing demand for the new Fortuner. Not only Fortuner but the newly introduced Xylo as well as the XUV500 have also received wide response and the demand for these cars has also soared to a great extent.

Mahindra Xylo in India
In fact, Mahindra is now in a fix as the demand for the new XUV500 has surged to 25,000 units over a span of just 10 days and they are facilitating mass production of their cars. So now they have finally decided upon a tentative figure of production of the new XUV500 and have given out a statement saying that they will be boosting up the production rate to approximately 3000 units per month or even 4000 units.

Mahindra XUV500 in India

The rage of SUVs has been setting since a long time now ever since Tata and Mahindra became the first to launch their SUVs, Safari and Thar Jeep. Thus one can expect to be made to wait for a long time in case they are planning to buy an SUV for themselves as these cars are really hot property nowadays and most of the people go for SUVs over other cars.

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