Suzuki iK-2 And iM-4 Concept Cars Leaked Ahead Of Geneva Motor Show 2015

Suzuki’s participation ticket for the Geneva has finally leaked ahead of the show. Cashing on the hype of bringing exciting cars to the developing and young markets like India, iK-2 and iM-4 were the two names that came amidst the fanfare, where a page on social networking site ‘Instagram’ managed to get the hands on their leaked images for a better perception at the stand during the show.

Reportedly, iK-2 is a compact car, or apparently of the hatchback size, sitting above the Swift in lineup with an image consisted of more plushness and premiumness than the said. Its cosmetic side lends the affirmation of sweptback headlamps and large front grille design adorning it to stand not quite distinctly than the rest of brands’ model. Though, the major concentration would have been delivered inside the cabin, or behind the steering wheel, if engineers have worked immaculately for a wider scale positioning.

The other one called iM-4 is a compact SUV with typical 4×4 DNA. Some even reported it of turning out to be a replacement for the Jimny, which is known as Gypsy in India. The LEDs seen in headlamps compliments it to be the more of upmarket category.

Suzuki iK-2 And iM-4 Concept Cars Leaked Ahead Of Geneva Motor Show 2015

Hence, until now not a detailed account of info is revealed. Till the further confirmation stay tuned to us for more details.

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