Suzuki Swift Sport May Launch In Malaysia

Swift is the famous car all over the world and one needs no mentioning whenever it is seen swooping on the road. Though to an addition, there is also a Sport variant to it which is being sold in other international markets and till present it is not available in India and its likes. Soon, as per some speculations and sneak peek, it may land in Malaysia in two variants.

However, the top whack of 192 kmph and 0-100 kmph sprint is attained from 1.6-litre M16A engine with 134bhp and 160Nm of torque, as can be said that current figures exceeds previous technical strata.

The engine of Malaysia spec Swift Sport will be assimilated with both transmissions namely automatic and manual, as the same duos are spotted doing test rounds on Malaysian roads. Safety becomes a major issue on such sort of machine, therefore seven airbags and ESP are the handy features meant to be seen on it. Sports tweaks concluded in the form of rear spoiler, twin spoke alloys in five stances, side skirts and special body kit with fenders.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport
Overall, Malaysia seems confirm for the Swift Sport and yet there are still no plan for Indian shores. We too are Swift-fanatic but our dwindling economical conditions and the rising petrol prices may be worrying makers for local launch.

We hope to see it in the coming years because India is a Great platform for any sort of Swifts!

Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport Back View

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