Swift faces nearly 4 percent cancellations due to the strikes

Even though the strike by Maruti’s workers has ended, Maruti is still feeling the pinch. The reason for this pinch is not the losses due to the incapacitation of the produce each day but due to the fact that customers have now started canceling their orders for the Swift and are moving towards its rivals. Based on the variant selected and also the region from where the order has been placed, the Swift commands a good 4-14 months waiting period.

As of now Maruti Suzuki have got more than lakh bookings of the Swift undelivered and further reports of sabotage by the company workers during the strikes have ensured that customers are now not only staying away from the Swift but also canceling bookings of the same. One company official even stated that as of now, Maruti haven’t delivered even one Swift model to its show rooms, from the last 2 months. It also happened that many of Maruti’s bookings for the Swift getting cancelled is a boon for the company’s other car in the same price bracket, the Ritz. However, Mayank Pareek, the Managing Executive Officer for Maruti Suzuki, said that the company is overall happy with the fact that only a small fraction of prospective customers have cancelled their bookings while the majority has still stuck with their decision of owning a Maruti.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

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