Aston Martin Dragon 88 Special Edition Break Covers at Beijing Motor Show

The Aston Martin has introduced Dragon 88 Limited Edition series at the Beijing Motor Show,when it displayed three special edition versions of the car. The introduction of this magnificent car of Aston Martin has been particularly aimed at the Chinese customers since it marks the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. These three special editions of the Dragon c Limited Edition is custom made for the automobile market of China. This series will improve the German brand’s portfolio in China that already consists of Virage Coupe, V8 Vantage S Coupe and Aston Martin DBS Volante.

All of these three special editions will have the minute details that symbolize the magical attributes of the Dragon. These three will be beautified with 24-karat gold that is to be applied on the peculiar Aston Martin signature wing badges at the front with a logo of dragon sewn on the headrests of the front seat. The luxurious carriage will come in three hues- Champagne Gold, Amethyst Red and Volcano Red. The exterior colour comes complemented by a very genuine and unique finish on the interior that consists of Red Chancellor, Spicy Red and Deep purple. The plate that we will witness is constructed out of strand of Truffle Crream with Winter White, Kestrel Tan and Metallic Gold.

Aston Martin Dragon 88 Special Edition Break Covers at Beijing Motor Show

A designer attribute that has an incorporation of silver finish on ten-spokes with brake callipers on the alloy wheels of these Limited Editions makes it look more grandiose. Keeping true to its name, only 88 car units of this model will be sold in the automobile market of China where each one of them will be manufactured in a very unique fashion and reserved for possession. The firm sees the Chinese automobile market as one of the major markets in the Asian continent. The brand will open 11 new outlets throughout China in the current year of 2012, while there are 9 dealerships already present in the nation. This will bring in more business for the firm with a very good amount of profit margin and the Chinese market will see the entry of the super luxurious limited edition cars on the roads of the country. This is definitely a very good beginning in the super luxury segment by Aston Martin.

Aston Martin Dragon 88 Special Edition Break Covers at Beijing Motor Show

Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept Revealed

There definitely is one for everyone as Jeep introduces the Wrangler Dragon Concept atBeijing Motor Show especially Chinese market. China has grown to be one of the largest automotive markets in current times and over the years, automobile manufacturing companies have recognized the fact and shown gratitude by introducing special edition vehicles for China on Earth. Jeep has joined this list with perfectly oriental and superiorly attractive Wrangler Dragon Concept, a formation, which celebrates the Year of the Dragon, as per Chinese calendar. Fundamentally, the concept sport utility vehicle is based on Chinese Wrangler that’s painted black with 3-piece body colored hardtop.

Decorating the base tone is bombardment of gold-bronze details such as tone-on-tone dragon decal, which begins from the bonnet and runs down driver’s side of the car. You will also find the dragon motif on carbon fiber, distinctive insulator situated on shiny black spare tire cover and beneath the hood. Chrysler added its custom fuel filler door along with blacked out LED exterior lighting package, which includes aftermarket projector headlights, taillamps, foglamps and turn lamps. Distinctive five-spoke 18 inch wheels get 35-inch off-road tire and are matte black with gold-bronze outer edge. Other gold-bronze touches are Chinese dragon character side badge and pad printed engine cover.

Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept Revealed

The interior of Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept also gets bronze-gold and black theme, which continues with regal gold-bronze accent stitching and piping and black leather seats. Magic Wand metallic leather is on the sides of head restraints and the side bolsters, whereas the laser etched dragon pattern is on the face of head restraints. Other cockpit touches are bronze gold accent trim on the instrument cluster, the steering column spokes, door handles and passenger side dashboard grab handle, dragon tags on the rear and front floor mats and piano black high gloss instrument panel bezels.

Those who are wondering why there is an excess of gold-bronze, the reason is because this color is closely associated with Dragons that represent auspicious and potent powers, especially to do with control over rain, water, severe weather and winds phenomena.

Mercedes CLC revealed before Beijing debut : Leaked images inside

With just days to go before the 2012 Beijing Motor Show kicks off, the official images of the new Mercedes CSC concept have hit the German website. The Concept Style Coupe (CSC) may roll out as the 2013 version of the CLA that may make it into production

Mercedes is expected to position the CLA below the C-Class in its portfolio as we had reported earlier. On the first look, the CLC has a glimpse of the CLS and the A-Class concept that made debut at the 2012 Auto Expo in Delhi.

Mercedes has plans to launch the production variant in North America and China markets, before launching it in India, where it will be launched alongside several other products that will be positioned below the C-Class. There were also reports of Mercedes launching the new A-Class and B-Class for India, to battle for top position as luxury auto manufacturer.

Mercedes CLC revealed before Beijing debut

The CLC will share the fresh MFA platform with the Mercedes new A-Class and B-Class Sports Tourer. We had previously brought you the news of the German automaker launching the SUV, dubbed the GLC on the same platform.

Looking at other entry level cars in the Mercedes lineup, the CLC is expected to be powered from a 2.0-litre inline, four-cylinder turbo diesel, good for a 200 hp. Mated to the motor is a 7G-DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission and the CLC will run on all fours.

Mercedes will employ the Hungary facility for manufacturing the CLC, and it will roll out as the CLA model in the 2014 year. For more from the Mercedes CLC and CLA, stay tuned to this page.

Honda teases two concept sketches before Beijing debut

With just weeks to go before the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, there have been several leaks, spy images and teasers. We recently bought you the news of Acura unveiling the NSX, RDX and ILX models that will feature in the upcoming movie ‘The Avengers’. Next in line is Acura’s Japanese owner, Honda that will unveil two new concept models in China.

The Japanese auto-giant claims that the models unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show will make it to production for the Chinese market. Honda unveiled two teaser sketches of the concept vehicles making a debut.

Taking a closer look, one of the sketches resembles coupe version of the 2013 Honda Accord that was previously viewed at the 2012 Detroit motor show. So there is a chance that a Chinese trim of Honda Accord coupe is scheduled for Beijing debut.

Honda teases two concept sketches before Beijing debut

Unlike the sedan sold in India, the Honda Civic in international market is a hatchback. And looking at the other teaser sketch, China is likely to receive an indigenous Honda Civic hatch.

There are no words on the power plant of the two concept cars yet, but we speculate them to carry the same engines as the models already in market. Honda could also offer plug-in hybrid option for the Civic hatch like concept when it makes it to production.

Lamborghini Trademarks ‘Deimos’ Name, possible badge of its SUV concept

Lamborghini has an SUV lined up for 2012 unveil, and this machine of terror is making a debut at the Beijing Motor Show. As reported by Car and Driver, this Italian SUV is christened “Deimos”, as in fear and dread, according to the ancient Greek mythology. Deimos was the son of Aphrodite and Ares, and represents the terror brought by war. However, the character never really appeared in human form in Greek mythology.

According to reports, the Italian marque has trademarked the name Deimos for its upcoming SUV concept. Lamborghini has adopted the name of its car models from names of famous fighting bulls, like Miura, Gallardo, Murcielago, Aventador and so on, while no famous fighter bull by the name Deimos is known. This probably means the SUV concept is a drift from the usual sports car manufactured by the Italian automaker. Nevertheless, the leaked pictures of the SUV display the same unforgiving nature of the Lambo lineup.

Lamborghini Trademarks 'Deimos' Name, possible badge of its SUV concept
This won’t be the first SUV created by the Italian sports car marque, as it has produced the LM002 since 1986 to 1993. What was originally designed for military purpose, the LM002 never saw the battle field. It rather became the luxury off-road SUV of the Arabs in the middle-east cities.

In addition, Lamborghini has a Gallardo replacement coming in few years. It might be possible that the terrifying name is given to this sports car or a special edition version, though a trademark name is never set for a concept vehicle.

Lamborghini Trademarks 'Deimos' Name, possible badge of its SUV concept
We have to wait till the official unveil at the Beijing Motor Show to know the true identity of this Italian SUV.