Nissan Micra Cup Series Introduced In Canada

None of us in India would have taken that Nissan Micra can also do racing other than the daily commute. Recently launched in Canada, the hatchback is touted to take on the racetrack soon by 2015.

Dubbed as Nissan Micra Cup, the event will kick start in May 2015 and would continue for five further weekends. The every weekend schedule is bind to take on the couple of hours out of which there will be two races of half an hour each, a 30-minute trial and a 30-minute qualifying session.

One of the most affordable racing series in Canada will see the Micra 1.6 S modified to meet the norms with a NISMO suspension, sports exhausts, performance brakes and 5-spoke alloy wheels hugging Pirelli high-performance tyres. The interiors will be ripped off to snug in FIA-approved racing seat, roll cage and fire extinguisher.

Nissan Micra Cup Series Introduced In Canada

JD Motorsports will lend its expertise in making the specialized Micra for the races costing a mere $19,998 CAD (€13,881/$17,737 US).

Fiat Punto Evo vs Volkswagen Polo Facelift vs Maruti Swift vs Nissan Micra: Specifications Comparison

The battle of hatchbacks just got bigger and better when the Fiat launched Punto Evo last week and Volkswagen launched the Polo facelift some days back. To make the choices more complicated for a customer who had to opt the hatchbacks in new car segment, models like Maruti Swift and new Nissan Micra were already available with their fancying and fortifying gestures. Here, now in this section, we decided to blow up the lid against each one of them to lead an ‘on-paper insight’ that would show who is better than the else, and are they worth for the every penny spend? Do find out the whole gist to decide which one shall be betted best.


Fiat Punto Evo is chapped with two engine options of petrol, and a diesel in two states of tune. It is the 67bhp/96Nm 1.2-litre and an 89bhp/115Nm 1.4-litre petrol. In the diesel, the famous 1.3-liter Multijet comes in tunes of – 75bhp/197Nm and 90bhp/209Nm. All of them are mated to a five-speed manual gearbox, with no automatic transmission provided at the moment. All the engines of Fiat Punto are pumped by four-cylinders.

Fiat Punto

Likewise the Fiat Punto Evo, Volkswagen Polo facelift too offers couple of options in petrol engine and a diesel one in two state of tunes. Naming them, the 1.2-liter three-cylinder petrol is given away with a 74bhp/110Nm where the more powerful and sportier one for GT TSI is teamed with the 1.2-liter direct-injection, four-cylinder engine of 103bhp/175Nm paired to a 7-speed DSG transmission.

In the diesel trim the new Polo gets settled for a 1.5-liter four-cylinder making 89bhp/230Nm and 104bhp/250Nm, all of them married to a five-speed manual gearbox.

In the rewind era of Swift and Micra, they both are applied with a single petrol and diesel engine without complications. The Maruti Swift spins its power from a 1.2-liter four-cylinder petrol motor of 86bhp/114Nm and 1.3-liter Multijet diesel does 74bhp/190Nm. Another Japanese car in the comparison i.e. the Nissan Micra, revamped last year, with new front grille and some other cosmetic gimmicks, proves its worth from a 1.2-liter three-cylinder petrol and 1.5-liter four-cylinder diesel engine. The petrol motor whips power of 75bhp/104Nm while the diesel one powers out the breezy 63bhp/160Nm. On offer, CVT is also provided to petrol buyers.

Volkswagen Polo Facelift

Hence, none of the diesel variants gets an automatic transmission, which means the one who will bring out the easy shifts for diesel buyers shall definitely have a winner on his hand.

Space On-Board

Italians loves to have roomy interiors and we Indians too. Hence, the same can be seen reflected in Punto Evo measuring the longest with a wheelbase of 2510mm. It gets a close riff from the Polo facelift with 2469mm wheelbase. Next to them in the list stands Nissan Micra with a wheelbase of 2450mm, while the Maruti crumbles with a snuggly 2430mm wheelbase.

Maruti Swift

One more time, Fiat Punto Evo conquers the top-spot with 3989mm of overall length, 1687mm width and 1525mm height. VW Polo falls shorter to it by 18mm of length, Maruti by 139mm and Nissan Micra by 164mm. Likewise, on the width Evo fares as best amongst the group but Swift outdoes it in this context. When standing tall, Polo is shorter amongst all, while Evo is 56mm taller than that German hatchback, but is slightly butch down by 5mm against Swift and Micra.


On paper, the VW Polo facelift score more power than anyone else and too had number of options lined in order for a wider array of audience. Fiat Punto falls second to the number of engine options provided. Meanwhile, the Nissan Micra needs to add up something against them in the competition if it wishes to surge a step ahead, but one can also opt for Micra Active if wished to go a bit lower on price. Maruti Swift, one’s not needed to say anything about it. It’s just fairing the best amongst all.

Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra Active in Diesel Variant Spied for First Time

Nissan Micra hasn’t done anything remarkable with its badge in the market, except the recent TVC which broadcasts actor Anil Kapoor in the lead.

To offset the outcome, engineers at Nissan recently launched the ‘Micra Active’ with more chrome strips and else, whereas the old Micra gets ripped off from luxuries and other shining bling and was then tagged as ‘Micra Active’ for the market. Hopefully, the Active version of Nissan’s premium hatchback was made available in petrol only; and the soaring demands diesel by Indian customers were left craving by.

Considering such factors into account, the top brass of Nissan has agreed of taking decisions over the launch of diesel variant of Micra Active anytime soon.

Nissan Micra Active in Diesel Variant Spied
Time and again, it seems to be proven that the Japanese carmaker has fleshed their consideration and the first spy-shots of diesel Micra Active has surfaced on internet.

Looking at the image it is easily identifiable that “Pure Drive DCi” placed on the bootlid of the Micra Active claims our aforementioned title with the model plate. Rather than making any coarse differentiation in the technicalities, Nissan will deploy the ongoing Renault K9K diesel engine, which maybe detuned for the money value to match the mark.

Other details on the site claims a XV version of same was following the XL variant i.e. the one which is caught on camera. Hence, to our speculations, it can be noted, is Nissan on the run to unveil a full range of diesel Micra Active at the Delhi Auto expo 2014?

Nissan Micra Active in Diesel Variant Spied for First Time
Well, let’s leave the detailing with the carmaker itself. The starting variant of Micra Active i.e. XE starts at Rs 3,50,096 ex-showroom Delhi.

Just to twist the story around: is the diesel Micra Active is fleshed against the Swift diesel? And if it is said so, then what answer the Maruti has in its stable to counter back to the world resounding Japanese technology. Is Delhi Auto Expo 2014 going to solve this mystery around? Viewers can lend their opinions in the comments section below.

Image Courtesy: Anything on Wheels

Nissan Micra receives Impul treatment in Japan

Looking at Nissan Micra, one can easily say that the car is not so good looking as a result of which it does not manage to please everyone. Impul, the Japanese aftermarket specialist has added a little zing to the car. The car features change in only the body kit.

The body kit of the Micra has been fabricated by Impul. This Impul Micra had been displayed this month at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The car now features redesigned rear bumpers, front bumpers and a large spoiler. Side skirts have also been added to the car. Impul Micra will have two horizontal LED daytime running lights next to the fog lamps in the front of the car. The looks of the car is complete with its RS S-05 alloy wheels.

It is said that most of the changes to the car are from the outside and there is no hike in the power figure of the car. Though the Japanese aftermarket specialist, Impul, seems to have put in all their effort, the car has not done so well. On the contrary, the motorsport division of Nissan, Nismo, has been called to work on the Micra.

Nissan Micra receives Impul

The car would be available in Nismo S and Nismo variants in Japan. The Nismo S variant of the car will feature a 1.5-litre engine that can produce up to 116bhp with a maximum torque 156Nm. The engine will be mated with a five-speed manual gearbox.

Though Nissan might not launch the Nismo S variant of Micra in India, they might bring in the 1.5-litre petrol engine Sunny with the stiff suspension setup. This move could also help the company pull up its position in the Indian market.

Nissan Micra receives Impul Back View

Nissan Micra Unveiled in Canada; Launch Soon

Nissan Micra, the compact hatchback which is been sold in 160 countries has now reached shores of Canada. The unveiling of Japanese hatchback took place at one of the event in Montreal and is reported to hit showroom before spring.

Yet only cosmetic and technical details are revealed to the Canadians, prices are still coveted under cover.

The Micra unveiled in Canada is the new one which Nissan has just rolled-out in most of the markets. LED tail lamps, new V-shaped front grille, angular headlamps are some of the tweaks can be comparatively noticed on the new version.

The Canada-spec Micra will be powered with a gasoline engine of 1.6L borrowed from the Nissan Versa Note. Hence, its power delivery is said to be lugging around 109bhp for standing in line with the competition from Chevrolet Spark, Mitsubishi Mirage, Honda Fit, Fiat 500, Toyota Yaris, Mazda2 and its likes. A five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic shall occupy its remaining part of the drivetrain. S, SV and SR, trims will fill up the line for Japanese in the Micra.

Nissan Announces Micra's Return to Canada

“After 21 years, the Nissan Micra is returning to Canada to change the automotive landscape,” said Christian Meunier, President, Nissan Canada. “Micra will provide Canadians with the unbeatable value, Japanese quality, European bold styling and fun driving experience that they deserve in a small car.”

Nissan Micra Interiors

Nissan Launches Bolero Edition of Micra

Nissan Micra facelift is still in the pipeline and now news came in plunging that the Japanese had launched Bolero Edition of same. But don’t worry, the launch hadn’t happened in our country instead the carmaker had rolled it out in its homeland “Japan”.

Yes, the disappointment is now flowing in our spines. Looking at this beauty we hope that why not Nissan is making it available in our country too.  The Bentley driven front grille, rich paint job and an impressive set of mags makes it more lucrative than before. No technical changes are made.

In fact, if the Nissan may launch this beautiful piece of metal here, however premium it may cost, it is but obvious that Maruti then would need to work harder for running some tentative sort of exclusivities which it is lacking in all of its limited edition. And in fact Maruti’s assortment doesn’t looks that assorted which this bug is now sporting here in the long battling avatar. Hence, the Indian carmaker should learn from Nissan and must make more efforts to dab the audience rightly for giving them the true joy of being “limited” at the very first stance of their car.

New Nissan Micra Bolero Edition

Nissan Micra to get a 1.2 Litre Supercharged for Shanghai Auto Show

Nissan Micra is just now revealed with a facelift in Thailand, and to make it more lucrative, Japanese had planned to roll it out in the version of 1.2 liter Supercharged for China market.

Micra is also known as March in some of the Asian territories and, which was in a tremendous need of the facelift, being followed by supercharged engine in a small capacity to follow same trend of the other Asia-bound products.

Previously it was tided in the 80 PS powered 1.5 liter four cylinder jag, but now the new supercharged 1.2 liter will spin out a comprehensive 100 PS underneath three-cylinder. The upgraded technical refinement is tagged as “March 1.25” and is slated to launch by the next month at Shanghai Auto Show.

Nissan Micra
Gaining more to the enhancement, further refinement will be carried with the 5 speed manual or the similarly treaded CVT.

All this information was updated on Chinese website named, which we hope may soon land us some more of the inclinations in future. Here, spy pics are relating March 1.25 to pre-facelift model, instead of the newly arrived metal.

Meanwhile, only the time will tell what is going under the skin this beauty, when it will be finally faced on upcoming Shanghai event.

Image Courtesy –

Nissan targets Indian Markets for increased exports

It is “Mission India” for Nissan, the auto maker from Japan. Having witnessed the fury of nature through ravaging floods in Thailand that devastated the nation, Nissan is in a bit of a quandary. A manufacturing unit in Thailand heavily contributes to all exports that Nissan does worldwide; the severe floods have meant that the export plans had to be re-evaluated. The automaker now plans to shift focus to India, where they in collaboration with Renault India, have set up a huge manufacturing unit in Chennai.

The capacity of the entire new plant is going to be used by Nissan for handling their complete export to other Asian countries, including the Middle-East. Work in the production plant at Chennai, in which the auto maker has already invested Rs.4,500 crore, is going on at full capacity and the plant has developed the competence of bringing out 4 lakh units a year. The Nissan Micra and the Nissan Sunny are being produced in this very plant. All this information was confirmed to the media by the CEO, Nissan Motor Corporation, Toshiyuki Siga during an interaction with the media at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Nissan Micra

The CEO is highly impressed with the development of this manufacturing unit at Chennai. He also disclosed plans of Nissan to export their small car, the Nissan Micra in the Middle Eastern countries. India has been identified as a center for major development in the future by Nissan. Though the company has R&D facilities at US and China, apart from India, they feel that the Indian unit is more akin to their growth plans. The Tokyo Motor Show has literally been dominated by Nissan, who unveiled four new concept cars at the event. All the electric car models that Nissan has been conceptualizing were displayed during the show and included the much-hyped Nissan Leaf. Apart from that other models, the Townpod and the Nissan Pivo3 were also showcased. A new concept SUV, aimed at carrying forward the Juke lineage, “The Nismo” was also displayed by the company.

Production plant at Chennai

Maintenance factor and the service intervals of small cars

On a whim or catching onto some fancy or even the famous “he has got it, so why can’t I” thing, many people go and buy cars. That saying, at the final moment, in all excitement of owning one, many forget that there are many factors to be dialed in. Some like the fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, service schedules and all. Well, the sales person would definitely provide inputs about this as also the service manual would contain this information, however at the time of buying a car, these things rarely register, especially so on an impulsive buy. Recently we had carried out a poll on our FB fanpage regarding which major thing they wanted from us and most of the suggestions bordered on getting the service schedules or maintenance costs of cars. Though, we haven’t put up a dedicated section for it, for the time being, here is a list of some of the small cars which are there in the Indian market and would definitely be on the list of first time car buyers. The cost of first free service as also the first paid one and the interval specified by the manufacturers as on 5/9/2011. These include the likes of regular check-ups, engine oil change, wheel balancing as also alignment.

Tata Nano :

The smallest car from Tata has a very reasonable buying cost and the cost of the first free service is Rs 200 for it. The service interval for the first free service is 1000 kms or 1 month. The cost of the first paid service works out to be Rs 1200 and it is to be done in 18 months or 15k kms. Rs 1200, in some cases works out to be similar to the EMI one has to pay for the Nano.

Tata Nano

Maruti Alto K10 :

The cost of the first free service for the Alto works out to be cheaper than the Nano. The cost is Rs 50. The first free schedule for the service, though, is same as the Nano. However, the first paid service happens at around the 15k kms or 18 months interval and is costlier than the Nano. The cost is Rs 2200.

Maruti Alto K10

Maruti A-star :

The cost of the first free service for the A-star is similar to the Alto at Rs 50 and the service interval also is the same. Why even, the first paid service and its interval are also the same. Seems like the part sharing and especially the engine ones seem to have given this effect.

Maruti A-star

Maruti Wagon R :

The bigger than both the A-star as also the Alto, the Maruti Wagon R with the new K series engine also has similar maintenance charges as its siblings, the A-star and the Alto.

Maruti Wagon R

Maruti Estilo :

The Estilo also mirrors the service intervals and costs of the A-star, Alto K10 as also the Maruti Wagon R.

Maruti Estilo

Maruti Alto F8 :

Older technology has got its own price. The first free service of the Alto F8 costs Rs 1100 with the service interval hanging in at 1 month or 1000 kms. Then on, the service interval and the costs work out similar to that of the K10 engined Alto.

Maruti Alto F8

Hyundai Santro Xing :

The smallest offering from Hyundai has got its first free service at 2 months or 1200 kms and the cost for the same works out to be, as its name suggests, free.  The service schedule for the first paid one is 18 months or 26k kms and the cost for the same is Rs 3750.

Hyundai Santro Xing

Hyundai i10 :

Like the Santro, the i10 also has the same service schedule with the first free one being at the 1200 kms mark or 2 months. The cost for the same is zero. The first paid one has the same interval as the Santro with the same costs attached to it.

Hyundai i10

Chevrolet Spark :

Apart from the 3 years maintenance thing that Chevrolet cars carry, this one is for those who don’t opt for that offer. The first free service stands at the 1000 kms or 1 month mark while the cost associated with it is nil. The first paid one happens at the 18 months or 15k kms mark and its cost is Rs 2500.

Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet U-VA :

Like its smaller sibling, the U-VA also has a first free service at the 1k kms mark or within 1 month of purchase while the first paid service happens at the 18 months mark or 15k kms with the service cost being Rs 100 more than what the Spark owner has to pay.

Chevrolet U-VA

Fiat Punto :

The not so small car from Fiat, the Punto has a first free service at around the 6 months or 5k kms mark and the cost is Rs 1250. Also the first paid service is at the 35k kms mark or 30 months with the cost being Rs 4750.

Nissan Micra :

1 year or 10k kms is the mark when the first free service for the Micra springs up and the cost for the same is Rs 1200. The cost of the first paid one is Rs 3k and the time for it to be done is 36 months or 30k kms.

Nissan MicraThese relative comparisons between the service costs shows that even though the service cycles may be longer, they aren’t relatively cheap and another thing that even if the car was brought at a relatively cheaper price, its maintenance means that the running costs wouldn’t be that easy. As and when the time goes, we would gather more information about the service and maintenance costs of the other cars and would keep our readers updated on the same. More to come. Stay tuned.

Best driver’s car in each and every segment – Part 2

Here we are back with the best driver’s car in each and every segment comparison. Whilst last time around in the budget segment, it was the Santro which clearly whipped the competition, here we have the next bunch of cars ready to undergo evaluation. These are the cars from the Rs 3-5 lakhs category.

One thing that we have consistently maintained is that one of the best cars in this category for a driver happens to be the Maruti Swift. However, it seems that its days have been numbered here, that is until the newer variant comes in and blows the competition away. There is the Nissan Micra which has a good steering feel and almost in the same ballpark as the Swift’s. However, while the Micra may not feel as grounded as the Swift, it is more easily maneuverable. Moreover, there is a certain wallowy as also rolling action which is more pronounced on the Micra. The best part is that braking for this car is way ahead of the Swift’s. The Swift claws its way back with a driver focused cabin along with a superb K series engine. This engine gives it class leading acceleration figures and also top speed. The 5 speed manual gearbox also makes it a delight to drive. Then there is its stablemate, the Maruti A-star which again thanks to better feel and steering response, just about nudges ahead of the Swift. It has got a lesser turning radius than the Swift and is more maneuverable. It is also much of a point and shoot machine than the Swift. However, it loses out on the ride quality and stability factor.

Ford is known to make cars with good dynamics and proof enough of that is the Ford Figo. The Figo has got much better dynamics on hand plus the steering response is also awesome. It is also rock solid at high speeds. Then there is the Maruti Ritz, which though built on the same platform as the Swift has different characteristics to boot for. The Ritz is also nimble like the A-star or even the Micra for that matter. It however, suffers a bit from stability issues on the highway. The steering response is also on the lighter side for most part of the drive. For the not so hot selling U-VA, top speed stability is similar to the Figo and while the car would have some issues going around corners or making quick lane change maneuvers, with a better engine and gearbox, the car would definitely give the Swift a run for its money. The Maruti Estilo also falls in this category and there is a lot of difference is from the engine and gearbox change from the previous model. Though, the tall boy design doesn’t allow it to go as smoothly around corners, it nevertheless is a stable machine on the highway. But then the gearbox still doesn’t encourage enthusiastic driving and the soft suspension makes things mucky.

The General has got one more from his arsenal here and it is the Beat. Now, the Beat is an okay corner tool and its stability is also not questionable. However, its engine and gearbox simply aren’t upto the task and cant make up for the entire package. Moreover, the tyres of the Beat are also more on the lean side and they are only there for enhanced fuel economy, which the Beat just about manages to deliver. Now, there is the Fiat Palio Stile which is under the scanner and though its dynamics can never be questioned, it’s the engine which simply doesn’t excite enough. The 1.1 liter Fire engine just about manages to take the Palio from 0-100 kmph in under 22 seconds. Not at all impressive.

Of all the cars mentioned here, it is the Nissan Micra which comes out on tops with the best driver’s car tag followed by the Ford Figo which happens to be the best handling one. The bottom of the heap is of course the Fiat Palio Stile. All the other cars make their presence felt in the middle of the table.