Nissan Sells 1,632 Units in June Boosted Largely by Micra Sales

Nissan recently posted a surge in their sales for the month of June. The company managed to clock in 1,632 units sold, boosted mainly by the sales of their Micra car. In the same period last year, the company had managed to sell just 77 models, according to the company.

The first model that the company manufactured at their facility in Chennai, the Micra hatchback, was the main sales driver, selling around 1,069 models of the overall 1,632 models last month.

The other models sold included the Teana sedan, the 370Z sports model and the lifestyle SUV X Trial. So far, Nissan managed to sell more than 16,688 models of the Micra in the Indian auto market, since it was launched back in July last year, and continues exports to other markets as well.

Toyota Liva in India compared to its competitors


With the Toyota Liva in India just beginning its innings, it would be but natural to pit it against its competition. The competition is in the form of hatches which are Japanese conceived, German, Korean as also Indian. With so many options available in the over crowded hatchback segment, it becomes very confusing for the discerning buyer to select a car for himself. We have listed out the pros and cons of Toyota Liva compared to its hatchback competitors. As many as 7 competitors have been considered here. Here is a neutral view (as always) not favoring any car particularly or not even proclaiming a winner out of the 8 cars. Instead, we leave it upto the readers to decide which car they want to be in their driveway or garage.

Main contender : Toyota Liva : The Toyota Liva in India is the newest offering by the Japanese car maker and it is billed as the volume driver for the company. That the Etios has set the pace for it is another thing and that the Liva would fully exploit the situation is for given. It comes with an exterior which wouldn’t offend anyone and at the same time feels similar to its bigger sibling, the Etios. Just like the Etios, the Liva also can be had with side skirts and an added on spoiler. Inside, the story is no different from the Etios with the hatch sharing the same instrumentation and some dashboard plastics. Interior space is the forte of the Liva and its interior space is almost similar to that of the Etios. User friendly controls are present while the top of the line variant is stacked with goodies, though not class leading. Currently the engine in the Liva is a 1.2 one, which is tuned to be more fuel efficient rather than being an outright drag strip racer. The engine produces 79 Bhp of power and 10.6 kgm of torque. A 5 speed transmission handles the transmission duties. Overall fuel efficiency is quoted as 18.3 kmpl, as per ARAI. Ride and handling characteristics are similar to what the Etios has to offer and this means a neutral behavior. EBD, ABS and airbags are present in the top end variant. Price start from Rs 3.99 lakhs.

Thumbs up : Space, fuel efficiency, Toyota badge

Thumbs down : Quality of plastics, no diesel (as of now), lackluster driving dynamics

Tata Indica Vista : It is more than 10 years since the Tata Indica was launched in India, however Tata Motors have kept the public interest alive this hatch by bringing in regular upgrades. The best one was when Tata Motors gave it an all new character and christened it as the Indica Vista. The looks were entirely different than the earlier Indica and so also were the driving dynamics. Inside the cabin, the story is still very different than what the earlier Indica had. Soft touch plastic has been used extensively in the cabin and this adds to the feeling of upmarketness. What hasn’t changed and infact has been improvised on is the space inside the cabin. Comfort levels also have been taken to an all new level with the Vista boasting of a space which even some C segment sedans cannot provide. Equipment levels have also increased with Bluetooth equipped audio system being offered amongst other goodies. The earlier Indica also had a good ride quality and the new one just about adds one more layer to it, making it the most pliant car in its category. Handling also has been improved, however, it is still not a patch on its competition. Tata Motors have launched the Vista initially with 4 engines, however, as of now, speaking of metros, it is available with only 3 engine options. A 1.2 liter petrol motor, a 1.3 liter Fiat derived multijet engine and a 1.4 liter Fiat derived petrol motor. 16.7 is the fuel efficiency quoted for the base petrol while the diesel gives 19.2 kmpl. The 1.4 motor’s fuel efficiency is 15.6 kmpl. All these figures are ARAI quoted. Prices start from Rs 3.87 lakhs.

Thumbs up : Space, Tata service, features

Thumbs down : Feels flimsily built, handling and fuel efficiency to some extent

Fiat Punto : The Fiat Punto may not have exactly set the sales chart on fire but it definitely does elicit some kind of emotion when one sees it. Needless to say, one cannot ignore the Maserati inspired nose of this car plus those gorgeous alloys. However, its long proportions don’t mean that it would also have immense space inside. On the contrary, the Punto is just a tad bit roomier than the Palio. But then the features list that it offers would even shame some of the bigger C and even D segment sedans. It has got a steering wheel who’s look is to die for plus steering mounted audio and Bluetooth controls. The meter dials though look retro but their attention to detail is fantastic. Up in the front, there is plenty of legroom and also head room. However, both these terms vanish to thin air when it comes to the rear. The Punto is a nice handling car, that is only if one can adjust with the big turning circle that the car offers. Its ride quality is also on the superlative side. There are 4 engine options on offer. One is the 1.2 liter engine as seen on the Vista. The second is the famous multijet one. Third and 4th engines are termed as hot since they both produce 90 Bhp in petrol and diesel guises. Surprisingly while the 1.2 liter petrol can deliver only an ARAI claimed 15.2 kmpl, the 90 Bhp snorting diesel can deliver 20 kmpl as per ARAI. Prices start from Rs 4.4 lakhs.

Thumbs up : Looks, features, ride and quality

Thumbs down : Anemic engine, fuel efficiency, space, aftersales

Ford Figo : This small car from Ford single handedly changed the company’s fortunes. People who, earlier, never considered a Ford car are now turning to the Figo as their choice of wheels. It has become the volumes player that Ford wanted it to be. A good looking car coupled with decent interiors and space is what the doctor just ordered. No wonder that this car has raked up most of the awards last year. Ford’s built for India cars speak of Ford’s commitment towards the car buying populace from India. The equipment list, while not a patch on the Punto, is definitely more user friendly. There is lots of space inside the cabin both in the front and back. What makes it stand out is the ride and handling package. Ford India have been known to make cars which are certainly superior to their rivals in terms of the handling and the Figo doesn’t disappoint either. Steering wheel is also the best in its category with lots of feel and preciseness associated with it. Ride quality however can be termed as being a bit on the stiffer side. There are two engine options on offer and those are a new 1.2 liter petrol motor pushing 70 Bhp while the diesel motor is from the Fiesta Classic turning out 68 Bhp. Both are mated with 5 speed transmission units which feel slick to operate. ABS as also airbags are offered on the top end variants. 15.6 kmpl is the ARAI certified fuel efficiency of the petrol while the diesel claims 20.0 kmpl. Prices start from Rs 3.63 lakhs.

Thumbs up : Looks, space, fuel efficiency and pricing

Thumbs down : Some iffy plastics, lack of power windows at the rear, aftersales

Hyundai i20 : This big Korean hatch sells in reasonable numbers every month and the numbers keep on increasing each month. Its appealing look and the spacious interior would put many sedans to shame. Apart from the Punto, the i20 is the only other hatch which offers so many features in its class. The interiors have a bespoke value to them with great fit and finish. Space is also readily available and 5 people would be able to sit inside the car quite comfortably. But then taking the car out for a spin reveals that its soft sprung suspension and overall chassis aren’t comfortable taking fast corners. Infact sedate pace is the word for the big Hyundai. Hyundai’s biggest focus was delivering the ride quality as perfect it can be and hence the explanation for the suspension softness. Steering wheel feel is very light and the same feeling carries forward on the highway as well. What Hyundai has done is that they have launched the i20 with 3 engine options as also 3 transmission options. The 1.2 petrol makes 79 Bhp of power and the bigger and more powerful 1.4 liter petrol puts out 99 Bhp. While the former is mated with a 5 speed unit, the latter comes in only a 4 speed auto option. The third is a 1.4 liter diesel motor which like the diesel turbocharged Punto, puts out 90 Bhp of power. It gets a 6 speed manual gearbox. ARAI figures for the 3 engines in the aforementioned order are 18.15, 15.03 and 22.1 kmpl. Prices start from Rs 4.8 lakhs.

Thumbs up : Looks, features, space, dealer network, auto option

Thumbs down : Costly aftersales, soggy handling, fuel efficiency of the petrol motors

VW Polo : A large car by VW India but still called as a small hatchback, the VW Polo is a worthy competitor in its class. Its looks are to die for and much in the same league as the Punto. But then just like the Punto, space is at a premium inside. It has good fit and finish but then lacks in equipment levels, which show the corner cutting for what is touted as the cheapest VW on sale in India. Steering mounted controls are absent and so are some other essential features. The front seat passengers get to enjoy the space while the rear ones are left with dashing knees. Inspite of being a German car, it is setup to be on the softer side, as far as the suspension setup goes. This translates to a superlative ride quality but with good dollops of handling incorporated into it. Precise engineering is what is the backbone of the Polo. VW offers a choice of 3 engine options in the Polo. The 1.2 liter petrol unit produces 74 Bhp of power, the 1.2 liter diesel makes 74 Bhp while the 1.6 liter petrol produces 102 Bhp of power. All the three engines make do with a 5 speed manual transmission. ARAI fuel efficiencies are quoted as 17.2 kmpl, 22.1 kmpl and 15.2 kmpl respectively. Safety features are also at par with industry standards. Prices start from Rs 4.6 lakhs.

Thumbs up : Looks, premium feel, ride and handling, build quality

Thumbs down : Lack of features, space at the rear and VW’s aftersales

Nissan Micra : Nissan India’s small steps in the Indian automobile market have resulted in the birth of the Nissan Micra in India. This small cute car is an instant eye ball grabber, not because of its design cues, but because of the fact that not many abound in the streets. It may look small from outside, however, it is big on space inside, actually much better than some other cars featured here. It also has some very new features like electrically powered mirrors and engine push button. Unfortunately the Nissan build quality is not upto the usual standards and some panel gaps here and there do seem inconsistent. As far as the ride quality goes, the Micra feels exactly like the i20, but a bit more accommodating as far as high speed stability goes. It is the nimblest car in its category thanks to the small turning radius and its overall size. The steering wheel delivers sufficient feedback on the go and is a very agile unit. Corner carving is what the Micra ain’t built for and it amply tells the driver not to chuck it around corners. There are two engine options available. One is a 1.2 liter petrol unit which has a peak output of 75 Bhp whereas the 1.5 liter diesel engine makes 65 Bhp. Both the engines are mated to 5 speed units which have apt gear ratios. ARAI claimed fuel efficiency figures of 18.06 kmpl and 23.08 kmpl feel impressive enough. Prices start from Rs 4.15 lakhs.

Thumbs up : Cheerful interiors, features, space, ease of handling, fuel efficiency

Thumbs down : Nissan dealer and service network, build quality

Maruti Swift 2011 :
Though its launch date is yet uncertain, it is most likely that the Maruti Swift 2011 model would retain its numero uno position in the hatchback market. Maruti don’t think of attempting to fix something which isn’t broken and hence the new Swift looks like the old one, but with some subtle changes. A bit more of length to the Swift’s overall dimensions also help very much. Since it is still not launched, not much details are available about it. However expect to have a bit more of the interior room liberated. A start stop button just like the Micra would also be present. About the ride and handling, the earlier Swift was the benchmark as far as the handling stakes for hatches go and the new Swift shouldn’t be too much off the mark. The same 1.2 liter and 1.3 liter engines are expected to be continued. The 1.2 liter K series motor puts out 85 Bhp currently however there are heavy chances that Maruti may bring in the VVT tech to India and power may go upto as high as 93 Bhp. As for the diesel, it would still continue to give 75 Bhp of power. It is said that the new car would have better fuel efficiency and less polluting characteristics than the outgoing model. However, the prices of this model are yet to be revealed and so no comments can be made about it.

Thumbs up : Cheerful handling, looks, features

Thumbs down : Build quality, less interior space

We have piled up the list of the competitors of the Toyota Liva in India and now, its upto the readers to choose their set of wheels.

Deals for the month of June 2011

The month of May 2011 saw many manufacturers registering good sales figures. The searing heat wasn’t a deterrent to car sales as there were many good deals on offer. However many banks, some of them the leading ones had recently hiked the car loan interest by about 1 percent. So more and more car buyers are looking at their saved resources instead of approaching a bank. Lower loan amount is the call of the day whereas higher down payments rule the roost. However some dealers are of the opinion that the rise in interest rates hasn’t cut down the demand for automobiles. As much as 70 percent of the buyers still choose a loan for their car buying needs. Car loans is the one single factor which is the leading thing for a growth in the bank’s shoot graph. Innovative schemes are the talk of the town with some of the manufacturers coming in with a 0.50 discount in the interest rates if the customer opts for a finance scheme which borders on the 80 percent line. Even if the customer opts for a longer tenure, the bank may give him a discount of 0.25 percent on the interest rates. This month, though there are a very few discounts coming up. Here is the list of them.

Chevrolet :

The General’s right arm wing in India, Chevrolet are offering their eye catching small car, the Chevrolet Beat with a more bang for buck proposition. The Beat was known to be a value for money small car however with the current discount of Rs 30k, it sounds like even more better deal. The Rs 30k discount translates into almost a whopping 10 percent off the car’s base price. This deal includes the free first years’ insurance package which means upto Rs 12-15k off depending on the variant chosen. The dealer would throw in a Rs 5k gift cheque or even provide you for GM certified accessories for the same price. If you are a Chevrolet owner who wants to exchange his car for the new Beat, then the GM dealer would give you Rs 10k as exchange bonus. Some of the dealers were saying that this was lure for the Chevrolet Spark owners who were willing to trade in their Spark for the Beat.

Honda :

The car maker has been troubled with the recent floods and Tsunami destroying its smooth operations in Japan. So as a rare sign of magnamity, Honda is offering their bread and butter model, the Honda City with cash discounts. This cash discount may be the direct result of the Volkswagen Vento overtaking the City as far as sales are concerned. The automatic City gets Rs 15k as a discount while the manual variant gets Rs 10k off. This should be enough to give some troubles to the Volkswagen Vento.

Maruti Alto :

The number 1 selling car across India, the Maruti Suzuki Alto has some competition from the small car from Tata Motors, the Nano. Hence to counter this Maruti brought about some engine upgrades and stuff. However not being content with that, Maruti is offering upto Rs 36 k off on the Alto models namely F8 and K10. On the 800 cc F8 model, Maruti is offering a flat Rs 18k cash discount whereas for the larger engined Alto K10, Maruti are offering a Rs 25k discount. This is besides the Rs 11k off exchange bonus that the car maker is offering for exchanged cars at the dealerships. This makes the deal for India’s number 1 small car even sweeter.

Nissan Micra :

The Nissan Micra is the highest selling model from its stable and it has helped the Japanese manufacturer to find a foot hold in the Indian car market. However the Micra cannot hold a candle as far as upsetting its more established competitors is concerned. So the company is resorting to the discounts thing here. The company is offering a free insurance package on the top end diesel as also petrol models. This means savings of upto Rs 16,000 on the Nissan Micra.

Tata Safari :

The Tata Safari replacement is just around the corner and for the time being, in a bid to move stocks of this very capable SUV, Tata Motors are offering a cash discount of Rs 5k on any variant of the Safari. Moreover, as a good will gesture towards customers who are exchanging their existing cars, Tata Motors is ready to pay them a Rs 10k exchange bonus as well. Hurry up since this offer is only for 15 days.

These were some of the small offers that the manufacturers have brought out in a bid to capture the car market and also boost their sales figures.

Nissan Motor India Sells 1,588 Units in May

Nissan Motor India recently reported their domestic sales for the month of May. The auto manufacturer sold around 1,588 models in the domestic market, last month, in comparison to the 56 models it sold in the same period, last year.

The company’s domestic sales were boosted by their new compact Micra model, which was their first model produced at their Chennai plant launched in July last year. the company sold 1,566 models of Micra alone last May.

Before the company introduced their Micra model, they sold their fully imported Xtrail SUV, their 370Z sport model, and the Teana sedan. These models were also included in the company’s sales figures for the month of May.

The CEO and MD of Nissan India, Kiminobu Tokuyama said that their sales performance in the domestic market in May was very encouraging, demonstrating their long term commitment for sustainably increasing their presence in the Indian auto market. According to the company, they also began exporting the Micra model to their South African market from May onwards.

Nissan Micra prices increased


Nissan Motors, the latest entrant to the field of compact cars in India have finally announced an increase in the price of their small car, the Nissan Micra. The price hike is applicable for both the petrol and diesel models of the Nissan Micra starting from 11th April 2011. The price hike is maximum to the tune of 2% and the petrol version would have its price hiked by 0.5% (Rs 2,500) whereas the diesel one would have a price hike by 2% which amounts to Rs 11,170.

Since the Micra is a car which is manufactured by the Nissan Motors at their facility in Chennai, it has got a price hike. The other models from the company namely the Nissan 370Z, Nissan X-Trail or even the Nissan Teana benefit from being CBU units. MD and CEO of Nissan Motors India, Kiminobu Tokuyama said that the input cost has been steadily increasing over the years and as of now, the situation has become such that Nissan couldn’t stop it from percolating to the customers. This was the reason for the price hike.

Nissan Motors record growth for March 2011

Nissan Motors India Private Limited are all set on a roll and we mean literally. The company which was barely in existence in India a few months back is literally having great figures to show for their Indian operations. The company’s small car, the Nissan Micra has seen some impressive numbers and those seem to be growing by the days. Last month, the Nissan Micra had clocked sales figure of 2060 out of the total 2101 units that the company clocked in the month of March 2011. Also the sales of the Micra were up by 30 units from the previous month of February. Moreover from the time the car was launched in July 2010, the sales figure for the month of March has been the highest.

The luxury sedan, the Nissan Teana contributed to only 11 units whereas the lifestyle SUV, the Nissan X-trail managed to sell 29 units. Only one unit of the iconic sports car, the Nissan 370Z was sold in March 2011. Coming with a 2 years or 50k kilometers warranty (whichever is earlier) is the Nissan Micra. Nissan have also set up a toll free Customer Contact Center and the number is 1800-209-4080. Moreover customers also have an option of contacting Nissan by emailing them at .Moreover there are many other programmes like the Extended Warranty package as also the Roadside Assistance program.

Buyers guide for Nissan


Nissan Motors is one of the leading manufacturers of cars in the world. In 2005, Nissan entered in two-prong partnership with French automaker Renault SA. The latter owns 43 percent of Nissan’s shares while the former holds 15 percent of Renault’s shares. A combined market share of the Asian trio of Nissan, Toyota and Honda in American automobiles market is the largest among the Asian firms which have slowly but gradually encroached upon the traditional backyard of the famed Detroit-3 namely Chrysler, Ford and GM. The VQ engines by Nissan of the V6 configuration has been among the Ward’s top 10 best engines for consecutive 14 years.

Nissan Micra

With the small car market heating up with almost monthly launches of new products, it would not be far-fetched to say that India has become one of the most important markets for global auto majors. Hence this development makes it imperative on the part of the auto manufacturer to make an offering in this particular segment, and therefore it was unavoidable that Micra would sail to our shores. The car has been rechristened as Micra from its global name, March. The third “P” of marketing has been taken well care off with the Micra with astute packaging. Its look is idiosyncratic in a good way and makes the car stand out. The car is spacious, and under the hood the car sports a parsimonious and sprightly engine. Talking of the ride quality of Micra would a bit on a too soft-side. The car is built keeping in mind the new age nucleus family and believe me if this was the original intent of the car makers, then it would not be exaggeration to say that the car is worth its salt. To enhance the savings part, which is inherent with small cars, the Micra now comes with a diesel option. The engine which does duty on the Logan is employed in the diesel version, need I say more. With the Japanese car makers upping the ante in the Indian market, the timing of the Micra couldn’t have been more ideal.

Engine Options:
1198cc, I-3/ 1461cc, I-4

Power train:
5-speed manual/5-speed manual

75bhp @6000 rpm/ 63bhp @4000 rpm


Thumbs Up:
loaded, drivability, cheerful exteriors, space

Thumbs Down:
interior plastic quality, handling a bit unsorted

Head on Competitors:
Figo, Polo, Swift, Hyundai I20

The Catch:
Rs 4.04 to 6.14 Lakhs

Nissan Teana

The Teana from Nissan was once only a look-out for luxury hotels and fleet services. But Nissan would not let its premium sedan go down the Logan way and be stereotyped as a commercial car. This seriousness with its product has resulted into quite a few individually owned Teanas these days on the roads. No wonder it’s a big car with an undeniable presence on the roads, albeit the styling is more like a love-it or hate-it types. It does not sport a universal awe-inspiring design. The car has very plush interiors with the frontal seats recreating a airline business class experience. In addition to it the drive quality can only be described as excellent. The material quality of the car puts it into the league of German luxury car makers like Mercedes-Benz and the Audi. The Ward’s best 10 engine awards winner V6 engine is highly refined. So if you are looking for some thing left-of-field, the Teana deserves your attention.

Engine Options:
2496cc, v6

Power train:
6-speed automatic

180bhp@6000 rpm


Thumbs Up:
features, comfort, over all feel good factor

Thumbs Down:
after-sales service, high price

Head on Competitors:
Toyota Camry, base Audi-A4

The Catch:
Rs 21.7 to 26.2 Lakhs

Nissan X-Trail

The latest X-Trail has its roots stemmed in the Qashqai soft-roader, not sold in Indian markets. In its refreshed edition, the car sports a larger grille and headlamps, with the visual aesthetics of the tail-lamps drummed down. In the inside of the car the instruments move about from centre console to behind the navigation wheel. Also to suit Indian conditions the engine is downgraded to a 2-liter unit, but with a power generation capability of 150bhp. In spite of all this drumming down in its features, the X-Trail continuous to be an above-par all-round performing vehicle. The Nissan X-Trail has a capacity to seat 5 people in absolute comfort. The handling is reminiscent to a sporty sedan and the ride quality is one of the best in its class. The capabilities of the new X-Trail are such that it can be treated to a few kilometers of rough patch or a bit of off-roading. The car is available in both the auto as well as manual gearbox. Regardless of whichever transmission you choose I bet the X-Trail is one of the best you can get in the same price range.

Engine Options:

1995cc,I-4 TD

Power train:
6-speed automatic/6-speed manual

148.5bhp@4000 rpm


Thumbs Up:
diesel performance, all-round ability

Thumbs Down:
looks do not corroborate well with the price tag

Head on Competitors:
Freelander 2, Honda CR-V as a petrol option

The Catch:
Rs 21.95 to 26.25 Lakhs

Nissan 370Z

For all those sports car lovers who want a sports car with Japanese reliability coupled with German-level performance, Nissan 370Z has what it takes. The car looks fabulous in red color. The car like all sports cars is great looking and will is guaranteed to be an envy of every car owner. It is so towering in its personality that it makes the SLK look meek in comparison. The car sports a winner in the form of a 3.7 liter award winning V6 engine, which has a capability to pump out 332bhp. The car has both the manual as well as the automatic transmission option, the latter comes with a Synchrorev, which by itself jinxes the throttle just before up shifting, almost similar to double de-clutching in the days of yore. It has a sublime handling and surprisingly the ride quality is also not bad. In a lighter vein, the car looks fast when it is standing still. What more can you demand from a sports car?

Engine Options:
3696cc,V6 petrol

Power train:
7-speed automatic/6-speed manual

332bhp@7000 rpm


Thumbs Up:
fantastic performance, surprisingly efficient, neat handler

Thumbs Down:
ground clearance, not a Cayman

Head on Competitors:
BMW Z4, Audi TT,M-B SLK, Evo-X

The Catch:
Rs 55.03 to 55.06 Lakhs

Micra does the trick for Nissan Motors, registers record growth

Japanese auto maker Nissan has just reported the highest ever monthly sales in the Indian market during the month of January 2011. NMIPL registered the sales figure for the month of January at 1,857, which is a manifold increase from the paltry 40 vehicles it sold in the month of January 2011.

Nissan Micra has proved to be the blue-eyed-boy for the auto maker, with the majority of the sales coming through it. Out of the overall 1857 vehicles sold by Nissan, Micra commanded a share of 1784 units for January 2011 which is almost a 75 percent increase from the sales of December 2010, which stood at 1057 units. Thus January became the month in which the sales for the Micra have been recorded to be the highest ever in a single month, since it was launched in July 2010. To get things in perspective, the company revealed the statistics of the sales figures of Micra since 15th July 2010, which stood at 8225 units.

Out of the rest, the luxurious sedan, Nissan Teana sold 21 units for the month of January which is lower from its previous year’s tally for the same month of 30 units. The lifestyle SUV offered by Nissan, the X-trail clocked a sale of a decent 52 units which is a four-fold increase from its previous years tally for the same month which was registered at 10 units sold. The Micra from Nissan sports a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty or 50,000 kms (whichever comes early).

In oder to better understand the needs of the customer and in the process solve their queries, Nissan has set-up a Customer Care Centre-‘Nissan Care’. Every customer and potential customers can call the company on its Toll-free no 1800-209-4080 or, if they prefer to write, alternatively mailing the company by way of email to In an effort to strike a better equation with the customers by providing them 24/7 service, the auto maker has introduced a whole gamut of service schemes and customer care tools which include Roadside Assistance and Extended Warranty for its vehicles starting with Nissan Micra.

Nissan has a winner in Micra

Automaker Nissan today in a report revealed its latest sales figure for the closing month of 2010. It registered sales of a decent 1,104 units with the major chunk of the sales coming from its newly launched compact car, the Nissan Micra. It accounted for 1,057 units out of the total sales figure.

The company sold a paltry 12 units in the same period last year, said Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd.

Nissan’s Micra was an instant hit since its initial days of launch, selling around 928 units in the launch month of July.

The rest of the sales came from lifestyle SUV, Nissan X-Trail of  31 units and the luxury sedan, Teana registering sales of 14 units.

Nissan Micra, was opened for booking before its official launch i.e. July and has registered a booking of 6441 units.

Nissan Micra Begins to Export


Nissan to also introduce diesel hatch in the next few months.

Nissan Motors has a good history with their supermini offering the Nissan Micra and India is one of three new countries that Nissan Motors has chosen to manufacture the new fourth generation vehicle. Starting production in 1982 from its plant in Japan, the Nissan Micra (or should I say Nissan March) has come a long way to reach its present form. The second and third generation Micra was also manufactured in Sunderland in England and after an association of 18 years came to an end in July 2010. The Sunderland plant will be used to manufacture Nissan’s new offering in the market segment as the Micra.

The manufacturing of the Micra in England was made deciding that Nissan would shift operations to five new locations but so far there are only three in India, Thailand and China. The operations at India were meant to serve the European, Middle Eastern and African markets, Thailand meant to serve South East Asian, Japanese and Australian markets and China meant to serve Chinese and Mexican markets.

Nissan Motors India have every reason to be happy with the response it has received in the country for its compact hatch the Micra and the manufacturing plant in Chennai began operation in July 2010. The main expectations of Nissan when it chose India as one of its manufacturing locations was for the Indian market to firstly respond well to car and secondly to begin exports to Europe, Middle East and Africa. In a short span of four months Nissan Motor India has achieved sales of around 4500 cars and is on its way to achieving a lot more.

The first consignment of 3,866 cars has already been sent to Europe and this breaks new ground for the newest Made-in-India Nissan hatch. In the 2010-2011 year Nissan Motors India hopes to export around 1.10 lakh units to more than 100 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Nissan plans to make their manufacturing plant at Chennai a key figure in their global growth plan and the initial export figures should make for good reading. The plant is to be the strategic hub not only for domestic manufacturing but for exports as well and will serve to showcase the high standard of Indian build quality and engineering of Nissan products on a global scale.

The success of the Nissan Micra in India has been well received in all circles connected to Nissan Motors and it was but natural in a country obsessed with mileage that a diesel variant would be necessary. Taking into account customer feedback and the chance to further boost sales, Nissan Motors India was soon on the job to get the diesel version of compact hatchback into the Indian market.

According to the CEO and Managing Director of Nissan Motor India, Mr. Kiminobu Tokuyama, “The success of petrol variant of Micra in the domestic market has given us huge confidence to introduce Diesel variant within six months from the launch of petrol version. We are aware that this is a very important phase of our journey and we standby our commitment to provide Indian customers with a full range of products and services. We are confident that Diesel-powered Micra would fulfill the discerning needs of Indian Customers.”

The Nissan Micra diesel should be available to Indian audiences by December of this year and is most likely to use the motor that currently does the job on the Mahindra Renault Logan. This will be the 1.5 liter, four cylinder unit that is currently produced by Nissan’s strategic alliance partner Renault in a number of variants. For the diesel Micra though this should be the motor that produces 70 horsepower and a maximum torque of 160 Nm. Seeing that the Nissan Micra is a light weight vehicle, the engine should prove to be very powerful and it aims to make the Nissan Micra diesel the benchmark for fuel efficiency in its segment.

Nissan has already started taking pre-order booking for the Nissan Micra diesel version across its 20 dealerships and Abhijeet Pandit, Marketing and After Sales, Vice-President says that, “Ever since we launched the petrol variant in July, we have been flooded with enquiries for Micra Diesel. I am confident that the Diesel-powered Micra, is a good value proposition and a desirable option to choose from, for the Indian customers during this festival season. We are elated with the overwhelming response received for the petrol variant across all our dealerships and keenly look forward to copy this success. We are also aggressively ramping our sales and service network.”

The Nissan Micra diesel should be available for a bit more than the petrol and customers should expect to pay around Rs.25,000 to Rs. 30,000 more depending on trim levels and options. Nissan seems to have hit the nail on the head by introducing its operations to India and i am sure even the folks at Nissan have been amazed with how well the company is doing in the country. Top managers are just keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that the initial success they have achieved will continue. The same can be said for some Indian car manufacturers as the success of any Indian made car will only serve to boost the image of Indian made cars globally.

Nissan Micra Specifications

Body & Engine Specifications

Body Type – Hatchback
Engine Type – Petrol / Diesel
Displacement – 1198cc, HR12, 3 cylinder / diesel not confirmed yet
Maximum Power (Petrol / diesel) – 75 hp / 70 hp
Maximum Torque (Petrol / diesel) – 104 Nm / 160 Nm
Seating Capacity – 5 persons
Suspension (Front / Rear) – McPherson Strut, Torsion Beam
Brakes – Front Disc / Rear Drum
Transmission – 5-speed manual
Weight – 970 kgs
Mileage (city / hwy) – 14 km/l / 18 km/l
Price of Nissan Micra– 3.9 lakhs – 5.25 lakhs

Comfort & Convenience

Power Windows: Front and Rear
Power Steering
Central Door Lock
Steering Tilt Adjustment
Remote Keyless with Push Button Ignition
Driver Side Front Window with Auto down & Anti-Pinch Function

Safety Features

Driver Airbag
Engine Immobilizer
Front Passenger Airbag
Front Fog Lamps