Tata-Fiat reworking on the Fiat sales strategy

It seems that Fiat Motors are really travelling with the reverse gear on. They might be doing really good in all the market but they are definitely not doing well in the Indian scenario. The company’s main concern is to increase their sales which seem to be travelling downhill. So as their new strategy Fiat has started selling its cars through Tata’s showroom. Now, it seems that Fiat is trying to get the maximum out of its 50/50 joint venture with Tata Motors, which they signed in the year 2007.

Besides, the company has decided that now it will have its own brand identity. While the company is selling its cars through Tata’s showroom it will also build its own showrooms across India and Tata Motors is trying to help them as far as possible. Recently in a media session, Mr R Ramakrishnan, Vice President, Tata Motors said, “we are trying to improve the sales figure as far as possible. We know that we are not standing where we are supposed to be”, while addressing to the sales figures of Fiat Automobiles. He also said that “the reason that we have strayed too far from our target is because we are now redrawing the plans and the strategy so as to how to improve the sales figure”.

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