Tata Motors Begins Exporting Nano to its Overseas Markets

Tata Motors began exporting their Nano car in overseas markets. They shipped a total of 498 models last April alone. A formal broadcast by the company regarding exports of their “people’s car” can be expected soon.

According to the figures released by the SIAM, Tata Co. exported around 498 models in April 2011, in comparison to the just one unit exported in the same period last year. When the company was contacted, however they refused to divulge any information, for example, regarding which countries the Nanos were exported to last April.

A spokesperson from Tata Motors was recently quoted as saying that they would soon be making an announcement in regards to the export of Nanos shortly. Though the official refused to give out the timeline about when they will be sharing this detail, he added that if they want to market and sell their car by even tomorrow, it would not be possible so fast.

Only last month, Tata group had announced that Tata Motors was soon about to finalise their overseas production site for building the Nano, which could be in either Africa, South East Asia and Latin America.

The Managing Director of Tata Industries, Kishor Chaukar, said that work is going on at a rapid pace, concerning the time line of producing the Nano at overseas locations. He added that they are exploring many other options at different locations as well as looking towards consistent supply of auto components.

Tata Motors is considering many locations like Africa, South East Asia and Latin America. Apart from contemplating the availabilities of land building facilities, Tata is looking towards the availability of supply chain components and market accessibilities. The company is also exploring their possibilities in neighbouring nations like Nepal.

Last year in June, the CEO of the company’s Nepal distributor Shambu Prasad Dahal of Sipradi Trading, said that his company might import five Nano models for test drive by July 2010. He however said that the cost of the Nano could reach NPR 7,00,000 around Rs.4.5 lakh because of a custom duty of 300% in Nepal.

The Tata Nano is said be the cheapest car in the world. This car is produced at the Sanand facility in Gujarat for the Indian auto market after its initial production in Uttarakhand at Pantnagar.

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