Tata Motors boasts of increased sales in December 2010

Tata Motors, the wholly grown Indian company, which recorded almost 34% less sales in November 2010, saw their fortunes climb in December 2010 with the company recording almost 28% growth. Sales of the Tata Nano which were an all time low in November 2010 at only 530 units, rose to about 6000 by December 2010. The company’s other range of vehicles namely the Indica and Indigo range also received a fillip in their sales.

For 2011, Tata Motors would be launching 3 new vehicles out of which, one would be the all new Tata Safari, another would be the Tata Prima and the third would be an MUV which would be positioned higher than the Tata Sumo Grande but then lower than the Tata Aria. Also, the company had earlier announced in November 2010 that they would increase the prices of all their passenger cars. So from January 3rd 2011, Tata Motors have hiked the price of their cars by Rs 1,500 – Rs 32,000.

The hike in price is stated as due to the rising costs of inputs like steel, rubber and other assorted components. The entire Tata Indica, Indigo family would now be costlier by Rs 3,000- Rs 17,000 depending on the variant selected. For the Tata Safari, Tata Grande Sumo, Tata Xenon and the old Tata Sumo, the hike in price would be in the range of Rs 8,200 – Rs 15,300. For its commercial range, the price increase would be in the region of Rs 2,500 – Rs 28,000.

One thought on “Tata Motors boasts of increased sales in December 2010

  1. I will say that it was presumed that Tata Nano will boost the sales of Tata motors but it failed over all the expectation, but wait what did you just say, from 530 it rose to 6000. Thats a great achievement in itself. So finally Tata Nano came on the expected track.
    Hmmm so Tata recorded a sales growth of 28%. Congratulations.
    Hope it does provide us with some sports car now….
    Looking oward to it…

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