Tata Motors Launches Commercial Vehicle Driving Centre in Singrauli

Thinking that drivers are a key stake holder in transportation industry, Tata Motors announced formal inauguration of a Commercial Vehicle (CV) Driving Centre in Singrauli.  The CV driving centre is basically a unique Public-Private Partnership between Tata Motors and Urjanchal Driving School. To give in a touch of sophistication, inauguration was done by the hands of Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, escorted with some senior officials of Tata Motors.

The training centre is well equipped with class rooms and a testing track, where the training session is slated to be carried in 2 modules, one for light commercial vehicles and the other for heavy commercial vehicles. For bringing in the professionalism to desk, trainer will take the helping hand of Audio-Video (AV) methodology & practical sessions. Each module is chalked to accommodate 25 students at a time. And drafted course will not only include driving lessons in the blue prints but will also creep in space for sessions in basic vehicle maintenance, first-aid, financial literacy, health, soft skills and yoga. Thus, one can say the trainee can derive a complete holistic perspective here in this institution. Tata Motors had already opened 8 such training centers till date within a span of just one and a half year, with more of them expected to be inaugurated soon.

Tata Motors
Talking in the present times, this initiative of Tata Motors will prove a boon to the whole transportation horizon. The commercial vehicle industry is now going through the rough patches of manpower crisis, we mean trained drivers, which this institute will fulfill the demand of both ends. Youths will get the employment, and the transport business owners will receive professionally trained drivers. On a rough calculation, Tata Motors is said to train around more than 2 lakh youths in its centers till 2021.

Singrauli is nowadays becoming a hub of energy and mining industries hence will require this sort of manpower in a large number at a very short notice.

Tata Motors launches commercial vehicle driving centre

Listing the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) data parallel to the Tata Motors ratios, it was revealed, in 2010 around 50 lakh driver’s job was vacant due to the short supply and huge demand mechanism, that too for the period of last 12 years.  Whereas, this initiative may also help the Indian government in improving the number of road accidents, for which our nation ranks highest in the world with about 1.43 lakh road fatalities occurring every year, claimed as per the data of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways in June 2012.

Tata Motors launches

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