Tata Motors set to unveil the MegaPixel in Geneva

Tata Motors are looking forward to one of the many red letter days in its century long stint in India and across the globe. It is all set to unveil their latest concept car at the Geneva show today, the MegaPixel. These shows are a preview into what is brewing inside the research labs of the various car companies; this may be an indication to what the future beholds. The think tanks from the Tata Motors had been wracking their brains to come up with possible solutions to the Tata Nano disaster. Tata Nano had been revealed to the market with great fanfare and pomp, but it failed to make much of an impact on the Indian car market. We are not saying that this MegaPixel is what the next generation of Tata Nano is going to look like (which is by the way making its grand re entry into European markets in 2015), but we are saying that the Nano would definitely be taking a cue or two from the MegaPixel.

Tata Motors set to unveil the MegaPixel in Geneva

This latest concept car is not what you may have witnessed back in the Auto Expo held in Delhi, 2012. That one was named the Pixel and was nothing more than a concept car that lacked production feasibility and practicality. But the latest model has rendered pragmatic engineering and manufacturing options to its design. The picture associated with the article is from yesterday, one day from the unveiling at the expo.

MegaPixel designing has been adapted to suit a number of powertrain options that includes both hybrid and fully electrical sources. Similar to the MegaPixel the reincarnated Nano would also be sporting both a petrol and diesel variant. While the petrol engine would have a 950 cc three cylinder engine nothing much has been disclosed on the diesel variant, which (as the word is) is a state-of-the-art-model, which the company has already signed off for research, tests and production.


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