Tata Motors to Replace Starter Motor in 1.40 Lakh Nano Models

Tata Motors has asked an estimated 1.40 lakh owners of Nano to bring their models for change of starter-motor free of cost. The implement for replacing starter motor, an electronic component in the cheapest car of the world is likely to cost Tata Motors approximately Rs. 115 crores. But is certain to be worried about the impact of replacement or recall on the reputation of Tata Nano. This recall will cover plenty of Tata Nano models designed since the introduction of mini car in the year 2009 and marketed till November 2011. Nevertheless, it excludes 2012 Tata Nano model, which rolled off the assembly line of Tata on 21st November 2011.

Tata Motors to Replace Starter Motor in 1.40 Lakh Nano ModelsTata Motors said that it is simply replacing the old starter motor without any charge with a superior one. They now have a redesigned the starter and are upgrading it in their old Nano models for enhanced performance. As per the figures compiled by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, the company has marketed 1,40,428 models of Nano, since its introduction in 2009 till November 2011. While the changing exercise involving Nano ranks as the largest in its segment in Indian automotive history, company is not the only one, which recalls its cars. In the 4th week of December 2011, Toyota, a Japanese automobile manufacturing company recalled 41,000 models of Etios Liva and Etios for replacing hose leading to fuel tank.

Honda Motors, rival of Toyota recalled 57,853 Honda City Sedan models earlier in 2011 for replacing faulty engine component. MSIL (Maruti Suzuki India Limited) recalled 13,157 diesel powertrain cars for changing what was suspected to be a faulty engine component in the month of April 2011. On 21st of November 2011, Tata Motors launched an upgraded version of Nano with new features, more powerful powerplant and superior fuel economy providing it a facelift. Nevertheless, industry players who didn’t wish to be named stated that Tata Motors has been facing problems with Tata Nano and its shoppers are not that happy with the vehicle’s performance.

In September 2011, Honda Siel Cars India claimed that it would call back 72,115 models of Honda City Sedan for replacing defective power windows switches. According to sources, a small car of Bajaj will be revealed at 2012 Auto Expo and will be priced higher as compared to Tata Motors’ Nano.

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