Tata Nano 800cc to hit markets by next year, plans under process

As per repots, auto giant Tata Motors is working on an 800cc edition of the Nano, which is likely to hit the markets in the coming year (2013).

The news of the world’s cheapest car being equipped with a more potent 800cc engine is a step on the accurate path.

The report also stated that the vehicle will be shortly obtaining an innovative heart and even diesel motor is being considered.

The small vehicle hasn’t been able to start-off in a stylish manner and last month statistics are more disturbing than ever as the car sale facts hit a new low with 3,500 vehicle units only as compared to a set objective of ten thousand vehicle units.

Tata Nano 800cc to hit markets by next year, plans under process
Known faces with the growth project stated that renovated vehicle will make way by 2013 end and it would be valued near Rs 2.5 lakh.

Market professionals said that the challenge of integrating diesel engine would absolutely hold the declining sale figures of the vehicle, however, the brand positioning of the world’s cheapest car in the brains of client could serve a restraint.

But, the company has no plans to put an end to the fading 624cc engine in the vehicle. There are automobile experts that disbelief the triumph of the Tata Nano alteration in the market widely reigned by international cars.

During the past week, Tata Motors Group Chairman Mr. Ratan Tata stated that the vehicle is not doing well and this is owing to the fact that firm was not capable of endorsing the vehicle it should have done.

Listing the matters he stated initially ‘The People’s Vehicle’ lost the drive due to a range of concerns like facility repositioning and sub-advertising operation.

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