Tata Nano standard production suspended

Tata Nano, undoubtedly one of the crucial selling cars in India, which was produced at the Sanand plant in Gujarat, is now suspended production temporarily in order to control the burgeoning inventory.

On contrary, the company suspended production of all non-power-steering-equipped Nano variants at the plant inclusive of standard, CX and LX variants.

At present, Tata Motors will produce Nano Twist, the power-steering variant of the Nano till then. This strategic move will continue till the piles of inventory will be cleared.

Hope so, the Nano Twist is been sold in market in good numbers as priced with a difference of less than Rs 20,000 over the LX variant. It is feasible the customers will be bragged toward the Twist for a more lucrative package, and wouldn’t mind paying a slice extra.

Tata Nano standard production suspended

Accumulating up the whole number, Tata Motors had approximately 7,000 units left unsold in the stock yard, which means a stock of 3-4 months if had the sales of 1,800 units every month.

When contacted, a Tata Motors spokesperson said, “We cannot give a break-up on the Nano sales and inventory levels, but suffice to say that we map our inventory levels with the market dynamics”.

However, Tata Motors is planning launch of some more variant in the coming future. Hence, it may be feasible the Nano could become a more adorable city car in the near future.

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