Tata Nano to be imported to Taiwan by a Taiwanese firm

Well, almost every other day, the Tata Nano or even Tata Motors makes news. This time around it is the former which is manufactured by the latter that is making the headlines. To begin with, we all know that the small car hasn’t been in much demand in the local market however other markets are definitely eyeing it. The latest is a Taiwanese firm which has shown a keen interest in importing the world’s cheapest car.

Now, Taiwan is a country wherein there are millions of motorcycle buyers and the 4 wheeled trend is yet to catch up big time. What may be even Tata Motors couldn’t do, the Taiwanese firm is thinking to. In the beginning, the former had stated that they would be targeting the Indian motorcycle owners however so far they haven’t been able to convert them. The Taiwanese company in question is TECO Electric and Machinery Co. This company has varied interests in projects like Commercial electronics, telecommunications graph, home appliances and also IT systems. Taiwan has about 15 million motorcycle users and the Tata Nano that would be exported would have air bags, air conditioner and also power windows for all the doors. The price tage quoted for Taiwan would be 270,000 Taiwan dollars.

For this very purpose, the TECO Electric and Machinery Co recently, for study and feasibility purposes, imported two Tata Nanos. Most interestingly, one of the cars is been kept by the CEO of the company, Huang Mao-hsiung. He was actually the first person in the company to recognise the potential of this small car. This happened when he visited India a few months ago and was taken aback with the space and fuel efficiency that this small wonder gave. He was also impressed with the build quality of the car, even though it is a built to price one. It is however still unclear, if the project takes off that is, whether the cars would be CBU units or SKD coming into in Taiwan.

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