Tata Plans to Launch New Diesel Nano with a 40kmpl Mileage

When Tata first introduced the Nano, they brought a new meaning to thrifty engineering. Tata now plans to make the Nano even more economical. According to recent reports, Tata is busy planning on launching a Nano which will efficiently provide a mileage of 40kmpl of diesel. This will make it one of India’s most fuel-efficient models. Tata is expected to launch this car by this fiscal year itself.

A senior executive with Bosch India, which is currently helping Tata in developing the model’s engine, said that they had worked with the company in developing the petrol version of the Nano and are working on its diesel variant now. The car will feature a 700cc two cylinder engine, which will provide sufficient power without compromising on the car’s fuel economy.

While Tata has not yet released any official figures, as of yet, it is expected that the car will run on 40kmpl of diesel. A spokesperson from Tata refused to reveal any information, stating that Tata continuously upgrades their products; however they do not give guidance on their innovations.

The car will accomplish its original promise to replace the family two-wheeler with the Nano. According to reports, the diesel version might finally attract these customers who opt for two-wheelers, which was the original inspiration behind this Rs 1 lakh car endeavour. At only 40kmpl, the new Nano’s running cost will be Rs 1 per km.

The new Nano will have a  fuel tank with an expected capacity of 15 litres, will be slated for launch in the  latter part of the year 2011. Tata Motors is reportedly targeting Maruti, the largest car manufacturer in India whose USP is mileage, with their new increased fuel economy Nano. The company also markets the Tata Indica on the basis of its mileage of 20 to 25 kmpl, which is the best in the auto industry.

According to reports, Bajaj Auto is also working with Nissan and Renault in developing a petrol variant which also aims on offering 40kmpl.

25 thoughts on “Tata Plans to Launch New Diesel Nano with a 40kmpl Mileage

  1. Tata the name says everything. We expect everything from this company. As of now as a cosumer Tata never let us down in any formate. If someone realy understand Indian customer”s mentality. That is TATA. We have high hope on tata , However , The only requirment on nano is the look. If It could be improve little bit, than it will become a perfact gift for indian people .

  2. Sir,
    I am very happy a new launched diesel engine nano.

  3. I m goining to buy Nano CX model but this new news of diesel engine system and high milege i am left but wait for this new technology.

  4. Nano diesel will be most useful car for INDIAN pepole. when it will launched perfectly.

  5. I am impatiently waiting for the diesel model of Tata Nano……….pls release it quickly,……….thank U tata

  6. Thanks for launching TATA NANO IN diesel model with 40km/lit. I am going to buy the diesel nano. When it will launched, please give me a instruction.

  7. I am very very happy to know TATA is lunching Nano Diesel Model. I am waiting seriously to buy this car at any cost.

  8. Mr. TATA Thanks to share with us this news, And Undoubtedly this will the perfect gift for Indians from you. Please share with us how can we book this Car now.

  9. This would the top selling car in india… if all the mouth words are true… 1 lakh.. Rs 1 per Km… what about the comfort.. is it similar to auto/bike or better than that…

  10. i am the first person to take tata nano LX delivery in Medak District A.P. I am expecting the same by taking tata nano diesel version, which works out Rs.1 per km. This would be top selling car in India.

  11. very thanks to mr . rattan tata ji we have thankful to ur company to gve the people of india new nano diesel version plz give the engine at fornt

  12. I am very happy Pls. send me how to book the new disel nano I am too much waiting Pls. send the details,

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