The Land Cruiser SUV to be further enhanced by Toyota

Certain images have surfaced in the internet appear to be of the 2012 Land Cruiser from Toyota. The photos indicate that the updated version of the SUV from Toyota comes with significant changes. The aspect that the pictures suggest mainly is that the ground clearance of the SUV seems to have been reduced somewhat. This seems to have happened because the bumper design has been widened. However, this change has been kept as optional with customers given the option to either choose this design or retain the design of the present version. The fact that this feature has been kept as optional in this SUV is something that can be easily deciphered.

The 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser proves an ideal vehicle for people who prefer to take their vehicle off-the-road but also want it to perform well on normal streets. Giving low-sitting bumpers to any SUV would not prove a correct option for taking the vehicle to the mountains, which requires the ground clearance to be high. Rumors in the market strongly indicate that the upcoming version will not see an enhancement in price and will retain its price of Rs.87 lakh. However, with the addition of the optional features, there could be a slight increase in the pricing. Designs of the headlamp as well as fog lamps seem to have been altered in the new model.

The Land Cruiser SUV to be further enhanced by ToyotaThe design that is sported in the new headlamps includes a Xenon Lamp and an LED lamp that clearly distinguish it from the earlier version. It looks like that the interiors too have been given a complete makeover. The dual-tone interiors in brown and beige are looking different and seem to be adding an even greater aspect of comfort compared to the earlier version. It needs to be added that the outgoing model already had excellent interiors. Some wooden trims provided at various places seem to have enhanced its classy look even further. There is no knowledge till date on other changes incorporated and that includes engine specifications as well. Authorities in Toyota seem to be taking utmost care in closely guarding this secret. The Toyota Land Cruiser, which is being replaced, had got its power from a V8 4.5L diesel engine and had been provided with 6-speed auto transmission. It achieved a maximum power of 281 Bhp whereas the peak toque was 650Nm.

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