This is where all new Lexus vehicles are tested: Photo Gallery

Testing the Lexus all day long means the best job in the world, and when it is of terms inside the LFA on a Lexus dedicated race track then the job ‘assignment quotient’ becomes more delightful than anything else in the world for an adrenaline junkie like us. And truthfully this piece of news is surely going to make you jump out off the bed and would get behind the steering on an empty road as soon as possible, as the case was same with us too.

Not taking much of your time, the Lexus had revealed the secret where it tests all the Lexus via pictures. Take your time to view it in the photo gallery by scrolling down, but first know what it is all about.

Known to be the best and largest track in whole of Asia, the dedicated Japanese race track is being called as Shibetsu Proving Ground (SPG).

New Lexus Vehicles
The SPG was actually opened in 1984 but due to its large construction and heavy security, the Russians mistook it for a fort. It measures 3.59-square-miles and features five circuits out of which the longest one is of 6.2 miles.

The staggering 2.4-mile-long straight stretch there on one of them is enough for every tested Lexus to reach its top speed, and landing an ‘airplane’ like James Bond too.  The tracks at SPG are made as per the road conditions of different countries and different regions, which toils the number to 20 for the said variants of tarmac shapes. In addition, the region where this track is located also provides the carmaker all the weather conditions ranging from hottest to the coldest, i.e. temperatures reaching even below four Fahrenheit as well, making possible snow stricken drive too. Hence, in the official text on Lexus International website, the ‘climatic reason’ is mentioned as one of the main reason for planting the testing track at the place where it is now.

Lexus Vehicles

In conclusion, there are 200 drivers in the organization who puts down their best in pace to test the vehicles round the year. And while looking at the images we also had aroused a feeling of applying for a job there. Scroll down to get yourselves the resume-ready too.

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