Toyota Etios twins recalled for correcting issue of filler hose

The proactive customer service that Toyota India has, is known to all. This nature has helped the Japanese car maker identify a small mechanical issue on its Toyota Etios twins even before its consumers could complain about the same. It seems that its hatchback the Etios Liva and its Etios sedan have a small manufacturing fault, particularly on their pre October 8th rolled out models. Hence, Toyota India is recalling these two vehicles for, what it is calling as, a special servicing campaign in which the problem pertaining to the cars’ filler hose is going to be rectified.

Toyota Etios twins recalled for correcting issue of filler hoseToyota is informing its customers about this small manufacturing issue and is requesting them to bring in particularly those cars produced on or before October 8th. The auto maker from Japan had performed extensive market research in India before it took the decision to launch its most economical sedan, the Toyota Etios here. This was followed by its hatchback the Etios Liva. Both cars had been offered initially only in petrol variants. It is obvious that the car maker has compromised a bit for keeping costs of these cars down. People who normally associate high power with Toyota engines, felt a bit let down at the lowering of power in this car engine. The interiors too look cheaper, but it all balances out when the price of the Etios is brought into the equation.

Toyota Etios twins recalled for correcting issue of filler hoseHowever, Toyota reserved the best for the last by introducing the diesel variants for both these cars. Following this, sales of these two vehicles have been steadily climbing providing much needed relief to the auto giant. But, this mechanical issue has suddenly crept up on them. Some experts are of the opinion that these cars developed this small mechanical problem because the manufacturer has been too much focused on keeping costs of these vehicles down. For instance, even Tata Motors has faced criticism on issues pertaining to the engine of its low budget car, the Tata Nano. It should not be forgotten by Toyota India that one of the significant reasons for the growth that the company has experienced in India, is because of the contribution made by these two cars. In fact, the Toyota Etios twins that had been specifically designed for the Indian market are now in demand overseas, with Toyota exporting them to South Africa. If Toyota India fulfills its commitment, then consumers in India might soon have access to an SUV from the Etios platform.

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