Toyota Etios twins: Red is the way to go in India

If sources are to be believed then the Toyota Etios sedan and Etios Liva hatchback are slated to get a cosmetic makeover. Toyota, who takes customer feedback and inputs very seriously, will most certainly spruce up portions of the interiors of these cars. The change is more bold colors for the dashboard. The new colors would be “sindoor” red, which Indians can identify with right away. The official Toyota website, which released a few pictures, suggests these changes.

In fact, the grey interiors been replaced by red in Toyota Etios-VX alternative. This appears to cater to the increasing demand for this color in this sub-continent. It is expected that the stunning new red Toyota Etios will increase consumer demand. In a more subtle alternative, Toyota is also introducing this car in black as well for those would like a more conservative color.

Toyota Etios Twins

The interiors look a shade darker, even the plastic components look darker, giving the Toyota Etios a refreshingly new look. Toyota which goes by “Quality Revolution” has not only ensured top of the line auto quality, but has also adopted the “better look and feel” interiors. By the time the car hits the showrooms, Toyota may also incorporate further changes in the interiors, like better plastics and softer upholstery.

It is always a pleasure to be in a car with the colors that perhaps make your day. Today, commuting in India has become a harrowing experience with bumper to bumper traffic. Therefore, to ease some of the stress, these colors could just make the difference that you could be looking for.

The ingenuity, to which Toyota has paid great heed to, should be a boon to the consumer who wanted to have a personalized look of the car and to that Toyota has given the thumbs up. It is all the more reason to check out these refreshingly new Toyota Etios twins. It is not certain as to when these cars would be available, but they are bound to occupy prime space in leading showrooms across the country.

It is sure to give competition in this class a run for their money.

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