Toyota Occupies the Top Slot of Global Car Seller for 2102

Toyota had proven that Japanese engineering is the most preferred one in 2012. In spite of not just building good quality cars, it had faced a cut throat competition from rivals of America and Germany.

The Japanese carmaker sold out 9.75 million vehicles worldwide in 2012, including sales of Dahitsu Motor Co. and Hino Motors Ltd. The initial top line of Toyota (including Lexus) marked at 8.72 million which is up by 22.8% as compared to last calendar year.

Second and third positions are filled by General Motors and Volkswagen with numbers of 9.28 million and 9.07 million respectively.

Toyota Occupies the Top Slot of Global Car Seller for 2102
This year figures of Toyota are the highest in history of magnificent 75 years. Though, it is not the dead end for carmaker as it hopes to sell around 9.91 million units in global markets for 2013.

After tackling some strong recalls in US and supply chain rupture due to Thailand floods in 2011, it wasn’t a cakewalk for the organization to gate crash into 2012.

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