Toyota stepping properly in to the electronic world

The well-built alliance car of Toyota and BMW is finally in the market. This car was supposed to be a hybrid car with the excellence of both BMW and Toyota companies. The sports glamour of the BMW and the classy mechanism and styling of Toyota is making this car a wonderful want. Toyota has always concentrated on building good sedans, hatchbacks and crossovers. But now with this step they have moved on to the sporty world with the sports car maker BMW. Bayerische Moteren Werke AG or BMW is getting to work with a classy company is a wonderful thing for them. The sporty feel with a great class sounds just perfect.

Toyota started with Lexus LFA halo model. This is when all the sporty interest started. This was a hand built concept car launched by them and was utterly meant for racing prototype. The Lexus was followed by the Scion FR-S. Then finally Toyota happened to sign the deal with the sports car maestro BMW. With all this on plate, Toyota will still stick to its hybrid and electric conduct. The sports car will also be based on the same concept. It is reported that one of its make will be an electric sports model. Naohiko Saito, the handling expert at Toyota disclosed that the earlier concept car launch of the year Toyota 2000GT EV will be used to develop a new concept of powertrain technology. This technology will first be made use of with the normal city cars and then would be applied to the sports models after proper research and development.

Toyota stepping properly in to the electronic world

For making the electric car a better vehicle to drive, Toyota is coming up with s idea of a manual transmission set up which will depend upon an inverter and the torque levels sent to the wheels will be controlled relying on the ratio opted. There is still a lot of research and notion work waiting with this technology. Also Toyota is planning an individual sports division called Toyota Motorsports GmbH in Germany and hopes to sell to customers privately.

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