Truckers Threaten a Ban on Apollo Tyres Following Price Hike

With the rising costs of inputs, auto parts manufacturers are under increasing pressure to pass on the rising price onto their consumers. In what is a first of its kind protest in the industry, transport drivers have decided to make their grievances known, by opting for a boycott on Apollo tyres because of increasing their prices from June 2 onwards.

The apex network of transporters, the All India Motor Transport Congress announced that they would not carry any raw materials to the three plants of the Apollo Company in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Kerala. They would also block supply of the company’s product in market. According to the AIMTC, they have demanded that prices be reduced within 10 days or they would be going ahead with the protest.

So far the Apollo Co. did not have any comments on the situation. The AIMTC has also demanded that diesel prices to not be raised further, but instead be decreased by Rs.2/litre. They want the prices reduced as the increasing fuel prices have been affecting the transport business, which is slowly becoming unviable for truck drivers.

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