Truth is stranger than fiction, Volkswagen mulling an electric taxi for India

German auto maker Volkswagen has literally pulled a rabbit out of its hat. It has recently unveiled an electric car project, which is tagged as a taxi, in London, Milan and Berlin. This project is also in feasibility-study-stage for a potential launch in Hong Kong, New York and cities in India. The latest offering is the black cab for London. Apart from the looks which are a stereotypical taxi in nature, the taxi does not have a chance as of now to ply the streets of London. As London’s esoteric taxi regulation, which is not met by this car, requires a seating space for five and a turning circle of 8.5m. The car which was showcased as a concept is quite small with a length of 3.73m, but at the same time does not disappoint with its space on the passenger seats. The car has a single cantilevered door acting as a gate to both the seats. There is space for luggage alongside the driver. Volkswagen has taken a long-sighted approach which translates in to zero-emissions criteria in the future city centers. Hence the concept car was unveiled which was pure –electric. The taxi concept car is inspired by the mini-MPV that the company has showcased at previous motor shows.

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