Used cars for sale in Bangalore- give it a second thought

It seems like everything is expensive to the hilt in the Silicon city of India, Bangalore. Right from the prices to essential food stuff like Onion to the statutory road tax to be paid for while buying a car. From the highest congestion on the roads to the costliest rates of car accessories…and the list goes on and on. And therefore it is no wonder that the prices of a second hand cars in Bangalore are also expensive. The scenario for used cars for sale in Bangalore is completely de-tuned from other metropolis like Delhi and Mumbai. It is a Herculean task to find a car at a reasonable cost and in good condition at the same time in Bangalore. With exceptions of the Opels, Fords and Fiats at throw away prices and that too for obvious reasons.

The price demanded for a Korean or a Japanese car is such that it becomes a natural choice to buy a new car than to think about owning used cars for sale in Bangalore.  Second hand cars for sale in Bangalore are ridiculously priced. Least to say, good deals are few and far between. You make get lucky by landing up something which can be said as reasonable, but it’s just plain luck. It’s beyond doubt that the city is in pits when it comes to the pricing of a second hand cars in Bangalore, courtesy to the higher prices attributed to such cars by the dealers, which is among the highest of all cities. The true value insignia of Maruti is not unaffected by this menace.

Few reasons that the Banglorian attribute to this phenomenon are:

  • Higher on the road price due to the highest tax levied compared to any other state.
  • The people from the IT fraternity, due to lack of time, pay anything that a person demands and hence, the rates sky rocketed after the IT revolution.

Higher rate of interest charged by the bank on used cars should also not be discounted. The general perception among many here is, the car dealers are the real culprit who are unintentionally helped by the IT fraternity. This leads to leeching of the general public at the hands of these dealers.

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