Vodafone links electric car in India

Connected vehicles are getting more and more popular crosswise the world.

In the domestic market, possessors of the popular e2o electric vehicle (Mahindra Reva’s) can now test out their battery charge, manage air-con, lock or open doors and trace the adjoining charging station with the assistance of their smartphone.

The car also alerts its owner if the parking brake is off or a door is left unlocked, according to Vodafone, which is supplying the machine-to-machine communication services for the e2o.

The Mahindra Reva’s e2o is the first domestic car, amongst the few internationally, to permit car possessors to stay in touch with their vehicles at anytime from anyplace.

Vodafone links electric car in India
The firm believes that connecting vehicles will perk up both expediency as well as safety.

Matt Hatton, director at Machine Research, stated, “Just the temperament of the driving knowledge, how it functions and the conditions for reloading, for car supervision suggest that fundamentally electric vehicles need to be associated.”

Like a lot of operators, Vodafone has augmented its concentration on machine-to-machine communiqués, and linking vehicles is a part of that push. In April, Vodafone made declaration about MyPark Space, a smart parking management scheme called that keeps an eye on accessible parking spots by way of M2M communication.

Mahindra Reva e2o

Parking zones have to be outfitted with sensing elements as well as a network link that simultaneously can notify a cloud-based method when a space becomes available. Making use of the MyPark Space application program, drivers can position a parking space near to their terminus, and afterward hurry to snap it up, Vodafone added.

“In terms of connected cars in general, the impetus is definitely rising. If you observe top-end marks such as BMW as well as Audi are progressively arriving to the point where 3, 4 years down the line all their cars are going to boast some type of connections,” Hatton said.

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