Volkswagen cuts cake on the 10th birthday of Touareg

Volkswagen is having gala celebrations across all its bases around the world. After all, their very dear Touareg finally turned 10 today. Today marks the 10th birthday of the German automobile heavyweights’ first mid-size crossover vehicle Touareg MK1 which was revealed to the world in 2002 at the renowned Paris Motor Show. Since then, Volkswagen Touareg has not left the eye of its appreciators with Volkswagen bringing more and more upgrades to the car. Though unfortunately the presence of the car is still not brawny enough in India but across countries of Europe, this car has always been a rage owing to its outlook and ergonomics.

It is being said that Volkswagen Touareg shares the platform with stalwarts like Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne. After a long wait, Volkswagen finally decided to push Touareg towards India and the crossover was shown its way here in 2009-10. Even if the car got a pat on its back by our critics, yet it was something that always gave Indian automobile enthusiasts a second thought. Thus, other launched SUVs somewhat suppressed the light over Touareg. Volkswagen Touareg is considered as the German giant’s most revered and technologically advanced car with one of the best interiors and ergonomics. But this was never a setback for the enterprise as it brought Touareg 2012 across all of its dealerships in India. The price was fixed at Rs. 58 Lakh which in turn was the ex-showroom price for the Delhi base. This is almost 6 Lakhs more than that of the antecedent model owing to the fact that the value of rupee in India is on a depreciating path and another reason being the fact that Touareg 2012 is a C-Button class vehicle or CBU. Thus, Volkswagen is keeping its fingers crossed this time.

Volkswagen cuts cake on the 10th birthday of Touareg

Now coming back to the celebrations, Volkswagen has decided to give all its enthusiasts the pleasure of experiencing Touareg X which is a limited edition christened version of the crossover. This will be available at the dealerships for a short span and then will be taken out.

Coming to the exteriors of the car, the new Touareg will be having “moonlight pearl effect” texture along with ‘Moab’ 19-inch alloy wheels. There are lots of other features which include panoramic sunroof, bi-xenon headlights, anodized silver roof rails as well as darkened rear windows having LED. There is a lot that Volkswagen has put into Touareg X which is the reason why the hype has already started increasing. The interiors of the car deserve a special mention as Volkswagen Touareg has used brown Nappa leather trim which gives a very elegant appeal to the interiors altogether. The wings have Touareg X emblazoned on them.

This special version of Volkswagen Touareg will be available across dealerships in Europe and the customers will have the liberty to choose from 5 engine types one of which happens to be a hybrid variant. The base price of the model has been fixed at Rs. 41 Lakhs and will be available in 8-speed automatic transmission.

Conclusion: –

On the occasion of the 10th Birthday of Volkswagen Touareg, the German Giant is bringing out a limited edition of the model under the name of Touareg X. This will come under a price tag of Rs. 41 Lakhs.

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